Does Levitra Lower Blood Pressure? Science-Grounded Elucidation

levitra blood pressure

Blood pressure (BP) problems and erectile malfunctions often coexist. There is an opinion that anti-impotence medications can cause alterations in blood pressure. Levitra, one of the most frequently used pharmaceuticals (produced by a German company Bayer), is considered to be a preferred choice for patients with diabetes mellitus, but what about BP? Can it influence arterial pressure rates?

What is Levitra and How Does...


Cialis Free Trial 2020 – Do Great Promotions Exist Now?

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Cialis is one of the greatest erectile dysfunction medications, which can treat two conditions (ED and BPH) simultaneously. One of few disadvantages of this medicine is a relatively high price. That’s why many people are seeking for promotions and discounts in brick-and-mortar pharmacies and online. Are there any Cialis marketing campaigns that are worth your attention? Let’s try to find out.


Top 4 American Pharmaceutical Companies

top american pharmaceutical companies

Pharmaceutical industry is one of the most lucrative legal businesses. In 2020, this statement was confirmed again. Amidst the general lockdown caused by coronavirus pandemic, the pharma industry remained untouchable. The United States is a home to many pharmaceutical giants that are ranking in many world's top lists by two key metrics: market capitalization and annual income.

The Largest Pharmaceutical Companies in the...


Where to Buy Female Viagra Over the Counter?

where to buy female viagra

Males have a wide variety of choice when it comes to handling sexual dysfunctions. However, market is poor in similar medications for the gentle sex. That’s because mechanisms of female sexual arousal have been studied less thoroughly. They seem to be more complex in nature, so it’s a non-trivial task to find an appropriate remedy.

What is Female Viagra?

Sexual drive a...


Does Cialis Help to Increase Testosterone Levels?

can cialis boost testosterone

Sometimes the male body does not produce the necessary amount of sex hormones. There might be several reasons for this, such as age, poor nutrition, heavy physical exertion, smoking. Hormonal imbalance can lead to problems with potency, infertility, developmental delays in the child's body. Erectile dysfunction is a common outcome of hypogonadism (lack of testosterone) in adults. The solution to this problem implies increasing T-levels in the body. Can Cialis be helpful ...


Erectile Dysfunction Explained on a Physical Level

erectile dysfunction mechanism

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder which stands for inability to achieve and maintain an erection of the penis, which is necessary for the full satisfaction of both persons in a couple. Such a problem significantly worsens the quality of life of a man and his sexual partner, often leading to lowered self-esteem or even depressive disorders and apathy.

It is worth noting that the quality of life with this disease is red...


Stendra vs Cialis: Drug Comparison

cialis vs stendra comparison

Men from all over the world are looking for the perfect remedy that will allow them to have a stone-like erection. Patients who are faced with the need to improve potency or treat erectile dysfunction may be confused when making a choice from a variety of pills. Several effective drugs are offered on the market. Therefore, you may want to clearly understand the difference between them. Stendra and Cialis are popular pharmaceuticals for improving male erectile function. L...


Does Snorting Viagra Make It More Effective? Are There Powder Versions?

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Viagra is a medication commonly used by males suffering from erectile dysfunction. This is the most studied ED medication, and scientists have researched different routes of its administration, including traditional oral, intravenous, and even intranasal.

Can You Snort Viagra? Scientific Data and Users’ Reviews

Each medication has bioavailability of some degree. In pha...


What to Expect When Visiting Your Doctor About Erectile Dysfunction

what to expect when visiting doctor about ed

According to the observations of doctors and scientists involved in men's health, absolutely every man at least once in sexual life has experienced erectile dysfunction (ED), in other words--impotence. It includes not only weak blood flow in the genitals, but also the rate of ejaculation or failure to achieve ejaculation.

According to WHO statistics, 10% of patients are over 21 years old, and those overcoming the age t...