Personal protective equipment ( KN95 / N95, FFP2 respirator masks) has varying degrees of effectiveness. During the COVID-19 pandemic, only the best face masks should be chosen. The costs of failure are immense.

The US CDC, NIOSH and OSHA emphasize the significance of N95 respirator among other protective devices against the spread of the coronavirus. Official authorities recommend using it. In this regard, deliveries are prioritized for healthcare institutions.

However, an average user also has a possibility to buy the N95 Mask. Before buying, you need to clearly understand what the N95 respirator is and how it can help.

What is N95 Respirator? – A Short Review

No. 95 respirator is a face mask designed to protect the respiratory tract from airborne particulates. Due to its high filtration rate, the mask can be effective even when contacting with viruses and bacteria.

The respirator is manufactured in such a way that a user can adjust it for themselves. The design of the mask provides a snug fit on the face.

The World Health Organization has added this respirator to the list of personal protective equipment which can help fight the spread of COVID-19

N95 Mask: Key Features

Here is an essential information about this high-quality respirator and answers to frequently asked questions.

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