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At Together Rx Access, we’re dedicated to maximizing your savings on prescription medications. Our Canadian pharmacy offers affordable generic drugs without compromising quality.

As a member, easily purchase a wide range of generic medications and save on thousands of prescriptions.

Use our drug lookup to find your medication and explore available options. Choose from our Value-Priced Generic medications, delivered to your doorstep.

Experience convenience, affordability, and reliability with Together Rx Access, your destination for quality generic drugs from our reputable Canadian pharmacy online.

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Together Rx Access is the Savings Program with a grey-headed history and contemporary approach to selling meds. We are a company that helps consumers compare prices and find discounts on prescription drugs being paid for without insurance.


The first brick-and-stone drugstore under our brand was established in 1988 in United States.

In the mid-2000s, our management decided to expand TRXA activities to the rapidly developing area – e-commerce. We became distributors of quality generic drugs in the cyberspace.

ProductPrice for Branded
Price for Generics
(TRXA Savings Program)
Viagra≈$8–12 per pill≈$0.5–$2 per pill/capsule
Cialis≈$10–22 per pill≈$1–2 per pill
Levitra≈$15–28 per pill≈$0.6–2 per pill
Just look at the table to make sure that the drugs are highly affordable.


Amy Niles

Chair of Medical Relations/Advocacy

As Chair, Niles forges alliances with national, state and community-based medical and healthu003cbru003eadvocacy organizations. By working with these groups and individual healthcare professionals, Nilesu003cbru003eheightens awareness about the Program, assisting the uninsured in gaining access to the medicinesu003cbru003ethey need to live healthier lives.

Roba Whiteley

Executive Director

Whiteley holds a master’s degree in nutrition science from Drexel University. She is also a member ofu003cbru003ethe Advisory Board for the Health Care Industry Access Initiative.

We are an official collaboration with NABP Certified Canadian Pharmacy and never sell fakes. Trust of our customers is a vitally important thing for us, not to mention their health.


Our Savings Program helps US, CA & UK customers to find best prices for meds ensuring high ethical standards and user’s confidentiality. We’re not like the others. Our healthcare specialists select suppliers of generic medicines with affordable prices.

The main principles of our work are reliability, quality assurance of medicines and other health products, polite and fast service, cheap delivery and competitive prices. It is known that many folks who buy prescription Generic Viagra online want to save money.

How to Save Money Buying Medicines Online?

Branded prescription medications can have huge prices as their producers want to recoup funds spent on their development, researching, testing, and advertising.

Fortunately, there is a profusion of licit generic drugmakers manufacturing high-quality counterparts of original meds.


u003cpu003eIf your doctor prescribes you a brand medication, be sure to ask him/her whether it is possible to substitute it with a generic counterpart.u003c/pu003e

Generic drugs are formulated in a way to ensure total similarity with genuine medications.

There are some tips you can use in our website to save your family budget without any danger to your precious health.

You don’t have to compare prices set by different online pharmacies, there is no need to call drug helplines to find affordable offers.

Honest Canadian Drugstores & Unashamed Scammers: Important Statistics

According to Official organizations and institutions, a significant part of online chemist’s shops is unlicensed and offers counterfeits and/or illicit medications. We’ve found a report with thorough analysis of 150 Canadian local pharmacies.

According to it, approx. 70% or them are reliable and offer quality medicines.

However, 30% are doubtful and may sell fakes.

Fortunately, one can independently access reliability of the website by such factors as its design, encrypted connection (SSL certificate), informativeness, availability of contacts, working call center, etc.

Honest pharmacies don’t hide the origin of medications, while offering them at affordable prices. It should be noted that National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA) regularly check drugstores to reveal legitimate and illicit ones. We responsibly declare that we do not break the law and sell certified generics that meet the standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

You need to be very careful when buying pharmaceutical products on the Internet. Proper due diligence even at amateur level will protect you from fraudsters.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We’ve compiled a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Our Canadian prescription assistance programs may help you obtain your medicines at a savings or even free if you qualify. They may also help you access healthcare services in general. We encourage you to explore your options so you can find a solution that is best for you and your family.

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Encyclopedia of Drugs

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Together Rx Access is the main encyclopedia of drugs and pharmaceutical products in the Internet.

The book of reference gives an access to information about the drugs: instructions, prices, description of drugs, bioactive additions, medical products, treatment tools and other medical goods.

The formulary includes information about composition, structure and packing, pharmacological effect, indications for use, contra indications, side effects, drug Interactions, dosage, pharmaceutical company.

Also electronic medicines compendium informs about the drug prices and products of pharmaceutical market.

Online consultation

You can get expert advice on the matter of any drug. Consultation is given by general practitioner, heart health expert, neurologist, endocrinologist, urologist, gynecologist, proctologist, gastroenterologist, eye specialist, audiologist, skin specialist, orthopedist, dieting expert, breast physician, oncology specialist, sexologist, andrologist, therapist, hepatologist, allergy specialist, immunologist, reflexologist, therapeutic exercise specialist, bone doctor.

For another thing, you can get the free online consultation about free discount coupons and cards for medicaments.

Just open and type the name of the drug you need in the search form (unless it is presented directly on the main page). Our policy is developed in a way to make our services affordable for both parties.

Any Canadian Pharmacies offer a lot of generics, this allows us to remarkably reduce prices. Their principal composition and quality are not different from the originals.