We spare no effort to provide as simple as ABC and transparent process of ordering medications.

The checkout page contains special fields where you can apply coupons and discounts to receive drugs at lowered prices. 

Step-by-Step: The Purchasing Process

Choose Medications: RX or OTC

Some medications are prescription ones (RX). “OTC” is the opposite term, over-the-counter drugs can be sold to all buyers, however, they can consult their doctor to make sure they have no contraindications and suchlike.

Attache document or prescription

If you have an appropriate document issued by your healthcare professional, you can attach it when making an order so that our specialists can check it or send its to support@togetherrxacces.com. The prescription allows our personnel to make sure that you have no contraindications and are eligible to take the drug which you wanna order. 

Online consultation

ask a doctor

If a customer has no prescription at the time of ordering, he can schedule online consultation in our website. TRXA specialists are usually responding as fast as possible.

The consultation is absolutely free of charge.

You should provide a bit of medical information about yourself (including your gender, age, medical condition, and medications you are taking at the moment). After you receive an online prescription, you can buy a lot of medicines including erectile dysfunction drugs (Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil), antibiotics, and others.

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Visit Product’s Page

How to Order?

Read short instructions, information about dosages, price, and other details.

Add to Cart

How to Order?

Then add it into your online cart. You needed to click the “order now” button.

Follow Your Way

How to Order?

Then you have two options: finish your order or continue shopping. You are free in your decisions. Just keep in mind that there are special promotions in our online pharmacy. 

Fill Billing / Shipping Information

How to Order?

Well, let’s switch to the very process of ordering. After adding the medicine to the cart and click “CHECKOUT” orange button, you will see delivery features and special fields (billing/shipping information, address, state, zip, email, payment method, credit card number, etc.).

Some orders can be delivered free of charge. You may also need to “collect” a certain sum of your order to be granted a right to receive free delivery. 

When you add all necessary products in your cart, fill in all fields at the checkout page and click “Submit” button.

Your Order Processing

You order will be processed by our system and our personnel. All the information you enter into the fields will be sent to the server via 256-bit confidential connection at the final step to grant the maximum level of security. 

Check Your Email

After submitting your order, check your email. We send confirmation letters to all our customers.

Fast Way to Make an Order

All over again, the bit-by-bit process of ordering top-notch medicines in our pharmacy is as follows:

  • Open a product catalog, find the preparation you need and its quantity. Then click “Order Now” and you will be redirected to the confirmation page. Check details of your order and click “Checkout”. You will be able to change the quantity directly on the Checkout page.
  • Enter your personal data in the appropriate fields. If you have discount codes and/or coupons, you can use it during this stage. 
  • Choose a shipping method (Regular Airmail or Express Courier).
  • Click “Submit”.
step: shipping
Select Shipping Methods: only regular airmail (30-45 days) till when COVID-19 will finish
step: payment
Select Payment Method (VISA, MasterCard, AmEx, eCheck, bitcoin, Western Union

We hope you will be satisfied with quality of our services and will become our permanent client. Be healthy and have a good luck!

Sincerely, TOGETHER RX ACCESS Support Team