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Other Prescription Savings

In addition to Together Rx Access, there are other public and private programs that offer prescription assistance to uninsured individuals and families. Several of these programs are listed below. To learn about these and others that may be available to you, ask your healthcare provider or neighborhood pharmacist.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) is a clearinghouse for more than 475 public and private assistance programs, including nearly 200 offered by pharmaceutical companies. Those who are eligible for the Together Rx Access Card may qualify for additional savings on prescription medicines, or even free medicines, through other assistance programs in the PPA. The PPA also connects people to free health clinics in their community.

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NeedyMeds is a nonprofit web-based resource that offers free information about patient assistance programs. In response to the growing needs of advocates and patients, NeedyMeds recently added a free clinics database to its website and started an online forum, NeedyMeds Forum, for patient advocates.

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Roba Whiteley
Roba Whiteley
Roba Whiteley is executive director of Together Rx Access LLC , a program that provides individuals and families who are not eligible for Medicare and have no prescription drug coverage meaningful savings on their medicines.

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