Erectile dysfunction is the inability of the male body to get an erection. In other words, this is a decrease in potency when a man is unable to have full-fledged and long-term sexual intercourse. Such a disorder can have many causes: psychoemotional ones, low testosterone levels, bad habits, sedentary lifestyle, urological and other diseases. In addition, erectile function deteriorates with age. Such changes in intimate life cause anxiety in men with whom it happened. They can develop emotional stress that can lead to depression. It is optimistic that this problem is predominantly solvable, as there are many medications to treat it.

Remedies for Topical Use to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Most potency-boosting drugs are administered orally. Studies are currently underway to develop an effective remedy for topical use, but they are not complete. Actually in the US there are no topical medications which can cope with erectile dysfunction caused by various factors.

Androgel is a testosterone-boosting medication which has been approved in many countries (including in the USA), but it is not able to actively increase potency and is not applied to the genitals. It can be effective only in some cases of a sharp decrease in testosterone, as its action is aimed only at increasing hormonal levels.

Vitaros cream 3mg/g is also allowed in some European countries. Its active substance is alprostadil (this agent is also contained in injectable medicine Caverject). It is a drug that is used as prescribed by a doctor, which determines the dosage and frequency of use. The cream is injected into the opening of the penis (urethra), one container is used once, then it should be disposed of. 

topical gel to treat erectile dysfunction

It is allowed to use this cream 2-3 times a week, but not more than once per a 24-hour. The expected result occurs from 5 to 30 minutes after administration, the duration of the effect is 1-2 hours. Like all other potency-boosting drugs, Vitaros may cause side effects. 

Headache, dizziness, nausea, and palpitations are rarely possible. Local side effects include edema, rash, itching, inflammation in the penis, as the remedy is used topically. Unpleasant consequences, such as itching, inflammation of the vagina can occur in a partner, if a condom has not been not used during sexual intercourse. There are also contraindications and warnings for the use of this drug: allergies, cardiovascular disease, infectious and inflammatory processes of the genitals, age up to 18 years. Perhaps due to the method of application and a fairly high price, this remedy is not so popular when compared to oral meds like Viagra and Cialis.

Erectile Dysfunction Explained on a Physical Level

Vasodilators for Erectile Dysfunction

At this stage, many countries are developing an effective vasodilator for topical use. But such drugs have not yet been approved and are being tested. There are some efficient vasodilators, but they are injectable and are quite invasive.

topical gel for treatment erectile dysfunction

Modern Methods of Treating Erection Disorders

Currently, the main drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis) and vardenafil (Levitra). They have been tested for years. If you do not abuse these drugs, and administer them properly, you can have a full-fledged sex life. But don’t self-medicate. A doctor, after examination and performing necessary tests, will be able to determine the cause and degree of erectile dysfunction and recommend proper treatment.

Prevention of Erectile Dysfunction

Lead a healthy lifestyle. Quit or at least reduce smoking and alcohol consumption. Do sports: join a gym or go swimming in the pool. Eat properly: keep a healthy ratio of protein, carbs and fat in your diet and consume the amount of calories you need, not more). Avoid stress by minimizing stressful situations and improving your stress resistance. If you experience any health-related changes in your body, contact your doctor immediately. Always remember that any disease is easier to prevent than to cure.

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