Avanafil (Avana) – What Are Advantages and Disadvantages?

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A man’s self-confidence (especially when it comes to sexual exploits) is largely reflected in his mood. An additional ‘plus’ is good general health, which is noticed by both doctors and close people.

Erectile Dysfunction and the Need for Its Treatment

The statistics is inexorable. After 40 (unfortunately, taking into account modern reality, even earlier), few represent...


Yoga and Its Benefits for Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

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Thanks to the massive advertising of Viagra, Cialis and other ED remedies, the world community was significantly concerned about the prevalence of the problem and men’s not paying enough attention to their sexual health. Meanwhile, about a third of men face this problem after reaching the age of forty, many may have impotence even at a younger age, and with age, the risk of erectile dysfunction increases. Often men turn to Viagra and other similar drugs to solve this int...


TOP-10 Countries Where Sex Toys Are the Most Popular

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Several years ago, Vouchercloud, a UK company, came up with an interesting study and published World Sex Toy Rankings. Some states appeared to be hornier than others. You might think that the US, a country which brought a lot for sexual revolution in the XXth century, heads the top, but this is not so. Data was obtained by evaluating the number of relevant searches in a search engine.<...


Splitting Pills – a Good Way to Cut Expenses on Medications

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If you want to avoid overreaching your family monthly budget, it would be a good idea for you to cut expenses on medications. At Together Rx Access we do our best in this direction, offering affordable prices and considerable discounts. However, there are some tips you can apply yourself. Is splitting pills a good solution for it? How to split tablets properly? Let’s take an in-depth look.

What Pills Are Most Commonly ...


Canadian Pharmaceutical Industry – Myths and Facts

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If you regularly read news about the pharmaceutical industry, you may have come across some statements and myths that require additional interpretation or debunking.

Canadian drugs and pharmacies are popular not only in their native country but also abroad, so the remoteness from the country gives rise to a lot of misconceptions.

Myth – Selling Drugs Online is Prohib...


Does Viagra Make You Bigger than Normal? Science-Backed Explanation

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Viagra is the most known erectile dysfunction medication which should be taken 30-60 min before anticipated sexual intercourse. It works for about 4-5 hours, during this time a man’s penis will be engorged with blood (he needs to be sexually excited to get the desired effect).

A lot of things about Viagra are known, however, there is a misbelief that it might help to enlarge the penis permanently.

Difference Between Viagra and Cialis – What’s Better?

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Viagra and Cialis have an unshakable reputation among men, but these two pills cause a lot of questions. Which one to choose as the basic medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction? If thinking about the right choice causes you a headache, then you need to read this article.

When Are Viagra and Cialis Used?

To solve the problem with erection, men often have to ...


Is Viagra Pill Addictive? Can You Get Hooked on It?

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Now many men over the age of 40 use pills to improve potency. Often, young fellas also resort to drugs. This is due to better awareness of sexual dysfunctions and increased availability of erectile dysfunction (ED) tablets. Often the medication is used for mild ailments, for no serious reason.

In any case, Viagra, like any other medication, can be used properly and improperly. Some men are reasonably interested – can t...


Augmentin: Uses of the Antibiotic, Compatibility with Other Drugs and Alcohol

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Antibiotics are unique medicines due to which at the beginning of the 20th century it became possible to effectively treat many diseases that were previously difficult to treat or even incurable. Augmentin is one of the most famous and medically proven antibiotic drugs, which contains a combination of amoxicillin and clavulanic acid.

What Are the Uses for Augmentin?