The Use of Cialis and Vacuum Pump to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Penis pump

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as having difficulty in erecting penis before sexual activity. The problem can be solved by different remedies, and sometimes even physical devices are used. Penis pump is one of non-medicated tools used to fight impotence in males. What is more effective – this device or Cialis? What option to choose and can pumps and tadalafil-containing pills be used together?

What is Cialis and W...


The Most Prescribed Drugs in the United States and Canada

most prescribed drugs in usa and canada

Medications are prescribed and bought abundantly in the North America. Do you have any idea which of them are the most popular? Try to guess and compare with lists presented below.

These ratings were compiled using statistical information from Medicinenet, Business Insider,, and

Let's start with the drugs that are most popular in the USA.

Psychological Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

psychogenic erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) pills are one of the trendiest medications sold in online pharmacies due to a sad reason: prevalence of impotence is growing nowadays.

Most of ED causes are of organic (physiological) nature, however, psychogenic ED is not a rare condition, especially in younger males. What are the causes of this disorder? How to treat it and can it be prevented?

Antibiotics and Their Potential Hazards to Male Potency and Fertility

antibiotics and libido

Antibiotics are one of the greatest inventions in medicine which were discovered accidentally at the beginning of XX century. However, like other medications, antibiotic drugs can cause side effects, affecting, in particular, the reproductive system. Can they influence libido and potency? Is fertility-decreasing effect possible due to use of these remedies? Let’s try to figure it out.

The Essence of Antibiotics


Using Viagra and Cialis After 60: Advantages and Disadvantages

viagra and cialis after 60

The extinction of erectile function in males begin long before the age of 60, in their forties. However, namely in sixties the process of erection deterioration acquires almost inevitable character.

Actually, most men after 60 have some problems with achieving and/or maintaining an erection, these symptoms clinically constitute ED. At this period, gentlemen experience severe drop in necessary hormonal levels, develop ...


Free Viagra Samples Before Buying and Combo Packs with ED Pills

viagra free samples

Viagra is an anti-ED medication, aimed at treating the sensitive problem fast and effectively. This potency enhancer consists of sildenafil, a PDE5 inhibitor, which provides potent blood’s flow to the men’s organ, maintaining durable erection and great sexual performance. Samples of Viagra are small Viagra pills put in a tiny pack. Distributors offer samples for free, which allows customers to check whether the medicine is suitable for them.


Viagra vs Levitra: Dosage, Detailed Comparison, Users’ Reviews

viagra vs levitra

If you are one of males who are faced with such a delicate problem as erectile dysfunction you may need to ask a lot of questions. Your key goal is to eradicate erection problems. In order to succeed, you need to choose the right medication. Viagra and Levitra are top medications used for this purpose. What to choose? We hope the article below will help you.

Viagra Dosage


Can You Take Cialis with Lisinopril (Antihypertensive Drug)?

can you take cialis with lisinopril

Erectile dysfunction, arterial hypertension and heart diseases often coexist. So patients are forced to combine several types of medications, which may have dangerous interactions.

Therefore, one should be extremely careful when using two or more different drugs at the same time. Are there interactions between Cialis (a PDE5 inhibitor used to treat ED) and Lisinopril (an antihypertensive medicine)?