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Our pharmacy employs professionals in their field who have relevant experience and commitment to the medicine. They have the opportunity to provide comprehensive and quality care to our patients.

Warehouse Manager of the Drugstore

Our pharmacy has warehouses that provide specialized storage conditions for pharmaceutical products. The head of the warehouse in our Internet pharmacy manages the work of the warehouse in receiving, storing and selling inventory items, their placement, taking into account the most efficient use of storage space, facilitating and accelerating the search for the necessary materials and products. It also provides storage of stored medical products and storage compliance.

We offer a large selection of drugs and medical products, many of which require special storage conditions for a long period. The warehouse manager has all the necessary knowledge to ensure proper storage conditions.

Online Disease Consultant

It often happens that a person feels certain symptoms but he / she doesn’t know what caused them. In this case, it is possible to consult with our specialist in matters of a disease (a group of disease).

Attention: online consultation may not always replace live consultation and physical examination. Therefore, if you have any doubts, it is better to go to the clinic to see an ordinary doctor.

Since we have the opportunity to communicate with our patients at important points in their lives, we believe that providing the necessary information is an essential element of their education and part of our responsibility.

Persons who have medical education can apply for a job in our pharmacy.

Online Doctor for Prescribing RX Drugs

You probably know that you need a prescription from a licensed doctor to buy prescription (non-OTC) drugs. If you do not want to go to the clinic for an appointment with an ordinary doctor, you can perform all the necessary actions online skipping the waiting room.

There is an online doctor in our pharmacy who can give you a prescription if you need a certain drug. To do this, you need to answer a few questions and complete a special online questionnaire compiled according to your medical condition (disease). You can also send the results of your tests to a doctor – he (she) will issue a medical assessment report and explain what to do next. Professionalism of our healthcare professionals allows them to adequately assess the possibility of you using the drug, even at a distance.

A specialist can consult patients via video chat (Skype, Zoom) or text chat online. If a doctor cannot help in your particular case, he / she will inform you about it and advise you to visit the clinic. Our practitioners are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can get qualified medical assistance and a prescription for the drug at any time.

Prescription in an electronic form allows you to reduce the number of personal visits to doctors in clinics. In addition, it reduces the risk of selling prescription drugs as over-the-counter ones.

Telemedicine is not a new phenomenon in the healthcare field.

However, we are trying to bring it to a new level.

Online Store Administrator

Responsibilities of our online pharmacy administrator include working with customer requests, incoming correspondence, and advertising online store. It is the administrator who processes customer requests after you have placed an order for the purchase of drugs.

If you have any questions regarding service, delivery, payment, availability of drugs on our website, do not hesitate to contact our administrator.

Our commitment to cooperation and quality enables us to guarantee the rights of patients and provide them with high-quality products.

Our commitment to professionalism increases people’s confidence in online pharmacies and improves the quality of service.

We work creatively and flexibly, timely responding to the challenges of time. We are not afraid of innovations and constantly introduce them.

The commitment of our staff to human dignity allows us to meet the needs of our patients and their families, supplying them with first-class drugs and other medical products.

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