If you’re found of Canadian pharmacies, you’ve probably heard about Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy. What are the features of this pharmacy? Is it different from TogetherRxAccess? You can find the answers below. In addition, we’ll tell you about pros and cons of online pharmacies in general.

Differences and Similarities

canadian neighbor pharmacy

People who search for Canadian neighbor pharmacy should know that there are several pharmacies operating under this brand.

Among them are Canadian Neighborhood Pharmacy, CanadianNeighborPharmacyRX, and Webmolecules. At the moment of writing, we couldn’t access the first two websites, only Webmolecules drug store was operating but it’s a not official site. It offers multiple drug categories, including but not limited to erectile dysfunction drugs, antibiotics, women health remedies, cholesterol remedies, and antiviral meds.

Together Rx Access is an exclusive online drugstore, which has no clones on the Internet. It has been existing for a long time and offers convenient order tracking and professional customer support. There are many seasonal discounts here, folks can find good prices on almost any Holiday, in particular, there are many discounts accompanying American holidays.

canadian neighborhood pharmacy

In general, two pharmacies are similar, but TogetherRxAccess has better website, more user-friendly interface, more informational blog-style articles, and more possibilities for customers.

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy Pros and Cons

online pharmacies pros cons

Why online drugstores are better than conventional ones? One of the advantages of selling drugs via the Internet is a lower price compared to products sold by local pharmacies. This is mainly due to the difference in the cost of medicines in the pharmaceutical markets of different countries, as many pharmaceutical industry players form their pricing policy considering per capita income indicators. In addition, the lower cost of medicines distributed via the Internet is associated with a reduction in the share of daily/monthly expenses like paying for the rent of an office and physical store.

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Another important advantage of online pharmacies is the ability to save consumers’ privacy or even anonymity. A consumer can feel more comfortable when purchasing the drug using online shopping cart or when getting pharmacist’s consultation via e-mail, phone or other services provided by online pharmacies.

In addition, the use of such services is very convenient for people with disabilities, those living away from drugstores, or having a busy schedule. Some online pharmacies also offer to clients a notification about the need for regular use of the drug, which contributes to the observance of the treatment regimen.

Of course, conventional pharmacies also have their advantages. For example, if you urgently need to buy generic viagra or something like that, you may prefer purchasing them in an ordinary “corner drugstore”. But if there is no need to hurry, you may order delivery in the Canadian pharmacy.

You can also use the following tip: you can buy several packs of tablets with plenty to spare for a long period, for example, for 2 months or for 6 months. At the same time, you will save money, because the more pills you take, the more discount you can get.

Your Risks

risks of online shopping

Along with the advantages of online pharmacies, there are many risks to their clients, both obvious and hidden.

For example, there is a possibility to buy a drug in an online pharmacy, which does not have the appropriate permission (license) to carry out its activities.

Such online medstores are likely to distribute counterfeit or inappropriate medicines. In addition, some online pharmacies do not protect the personal and financial information of their consumers. This can lead to fraud on the part of third parties like hackers who can withdraw funds from electronic accounts of such Internet drugstores’ users. Some online pharmacies do not provide information about their physical address or telephone number, which complicates the process of resolving disputes and problematic issues. TogetherRxAccess canadian pharmacy acts legally, it is protected by SSL encryption, and features professional customer support service.

Moreover, if any problem occurs with a client’s order, TogetherRxAccess reships it for free.

Scam or Legit? How to Determine?

According to the WHO, great bulk of meds sold online are counterfeited and offered by scam (“day-fly”) pharmacies. How to protect yourself against fake offers?

There are some signs which indicate reliability of a pharmacy:

  • availability of information on physical address of a pharmacy;
  • professional customer support service which responds in time;
  • reliable methods of making payments;
  • availability of phone number on the website.

The Bottom Line

Thus, during surging development of Internet trading and technology, many online pharmacies can be called neighbor. Although they are not on the corner of your high-rise apartment building, you can directly go there via the Internet, choose what you need and get the drug with the delivery right under your door or via the mail in a confidential package.

Many consumers consider Together Rx Access to be their Canadian neighbor pharmacy as they have been receiving high-quality meds from our online drugstore for quite a long time.