An increasing number of residents of the US and other countries are discovering the benefits of buying medicines abroad.

For Americans, the savings on drug purchases in Canada ranged on average from $100 to $1000 per year as of 2005, and now they are even greater.

For example, Viagra pack containing 10 tablets can cost about 700 dollars in the US, whereas in Canadian Family pharmacy the same packaging can be bought for only $20.

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This is due to the fact that in the US and many other countries all medicines that are sold by prescription and without it are much more expensive than in Canada.

General Features of Canadian Pharmacies

In Canada, there are many retail brick-and-mortar pharmacies. Many folks are already familiar with Shoppers Drug Mart, which is the largest pharmacy chain in Canada. To date, this chain includes Shoppers Drug Mart, Pharmaprix, and other pharmacies.

The second largest pharmacy chain in Canada is Rexall, which comprises about 1 thousand pharmacies under different names. And the third chain, London Drugs, is known to consumers as well.

Also, some of the cheapest pharmacies are located in Superstore and Costco.

However, you need to keep in mind that the name “drugstore” does not mean that it is a typical pharmacy.

In Canada, this is a huge supermarket, which includes food products, household chemicals, electronics, and, of course, medicines.

Canadian Family pharmacy offer medicines manufactured in Canada, and similarly have a basic equivalent (counterpart) under a different name, the so-called generic.

Here’s a tip: when a doctor prescribes a medicine for you, be sure to ask him whether it is possible to use a generic.

You probably know that generics usually cost much less than original drugs. They can be bought at online pharmacies. According to e-commerce trends, more and more buyers are purchasing products, including pharmaceutical ones, on the Internet. Therefore, the Canadian pharmaceutical industry is developing rapidly. Perhaps in the future, brick-and-mortar pharmacies will disappear altogether, or they will remain in small quantities.

What Is Canadian Family Pharmacy?

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Canadian Family Pharmacy is an online drugstore that has generic drugs from reliable suppliers. Medicines and supplements are offered along with advice and recommendations for customers of this pharmacy.

The assortment of pharmaceutical products available in this pharmacy includes medications for men’s health, painkillers, antibiotics, women’s health products, antidepressants, sleep-improving drugs, anti-allergic drugs, antidiabetic drugs, anti-cancer drugs, vitamins, herbal supplements, etc.

Drugs are divided into categories. The drawback of this pharmacy is that

News section on its website is absent; we also haven’t seen healthcare articles there (except for products’ overviews).

What Is TogetherRxAccess is a modern online pharmacy with a long history. All drugs and other products offered by Together Rx Access suppliers are tested for quality and accompanied with quality control certificates.

In this pharmacy, consumers can buy the following categories of drugs:

  • men’s health drugs (in particular, different types of Viagra*, Cialis, Levitra, as well as Avana, which are used for erectile dysfunction);
  • male enhancement supplements and devices, such as VPXL and Penis Extender Deluxe;
  • anti-acidity meds like Zantac and Prilosec;
  • anti-allergic meds and products;
  • antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications;
  • anti-diabetic medications like Janumet**;
  • skin care and sleeping aid remedies;
  • pain relievers and muscle relaxants;
  • stop smoking and weight loss remedies;
  • women’s health products.

Together Rx Access offers quick consumer support for all inquiries and questions.

Together Rx Access vs Canadian Family Pharmacy Comparison

See the table below:

Together Rx AccessCanadian Family Pharmacy
Reliability 5 out of 54 out of 5
Product assortment 5 out of 54,8 out of 5
Costumer support5 out of 54 out of 5
Informational content5 out of 53,5 out of 5
Secure256-bit SSL encryption
(https website)
No SSL protection
(http website).
Payment methodsMasterCard, American Express, eCheck, Western Union,
Money Gram, and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)
VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, JSB, Discover,
American Express, eCheck (for USA customers), and ACH
Delivery methodsExpress Courier (for US customers only)
and Regular Airmail
An airmail service and a trackable service
Discounts, couponsThere are many seasonal and holiday discounts – nearly 20 per year.
Customers can use special coupons to take advantage of these offerings.
In addition, the pharmacy supplies 4 free anti-ED pills with each order.
Discounts are also offered when customers use BTC as a means of payment.
Each new consumer receives 10% discount for all further orders.
Comparison of Together Rx Access pharmacy and Canadian Family Pharmacy

Thus, Together Rx Access can be considered more modern and convenient. Our website is fully secured, consumers’ personal data are safe, and offered meds are of high quality.

Canadian Family Pharmacy Offers

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