Pain, Pain Go Away

by the American Osteopathic Association

We all experience pain at some point in our lives. But how do you know if you're living with chronic pain? According to Dr. Robert I. Danoff, DO, an osteopathic family physi...


Asthma in America

by Mike Tringale, M.S.M.

Asthma...does the word make you think of people who cough and wheeze all the time? Don't people with asthma have to avoid sports and strenuous activities? And, when it comes right down to it, isn't it "all in their heads?" ...


Crisis at 30,000 Feet

by Linda Rosenberg, President and CEO, National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare
By now many of you may have heard about the crisis that took place on board Jet Blue Flight 191 from New York to Las Vegas on March 27, 2012. The co-pilot noticed the pilot acting in a confused...