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Lasix (Furosemide) – Drug Information: Indications, Side Effects, Warnings


Diuretic lasix contains furosemide as active ingredient, therefore it is also known as lasix-furosemide. It has diuretic action due to the blocking re-absorbtion potassium and chlor ions in the ascending part of Henle’s loop. Lasix drugs also have some impact on convoluted tubules, however this mechanism has no connection to antialdosterone activity or suppression of carbonic anhydrase. What is Lasix used for? As usual this diuretic is needed to stabilize urine flow and to improve excretion of potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

Intravenouse Lasix can lower blood pressure quite fast and effective along with reducing pressure in the pulmonary artery, preloading and pressure in the left heart chamber. Diuretic effect of furosemide Lasix maybe seen already in just five minutes reaching its peak efficacy in just half an hour, meanwhile duration of diuretic period lasts two hours. Peroral use of Lasix medication starts within first hour reaching its peak in about one and half or two hours as maximum; the duration of effective period lasts not less than seven hours. It is known that Lasix drug is metabolized in the organism and then is excreted with urine flow as combination with glucuronic acid.

Use of Lasix

Swelling syndrome as a result of heart problems, kidney problems, liver problems, acute left heart chamber failure, burn disease, preeclampsia; forced diuresis; complex therapy for treating high blood pressure.

Lasix mechanism of action and Lasix dosage

Usage and dosage of Lasix without prescription is not recommended simply because it is should be established individual due to the dependence of water-electrolytes impairment and value of glomerular filtration. Later on the correction of dosage is always needed depending on patient’s condition and diuresis’ value. Usually Lasix medication is prescribed as Lasix pills, and note that it could be Lasix generics but in case if peroral use is impossible, then doctors may use IV Lasix (intravenous administration) by stream infusion, and the time of Lasix administration should not be less than 1.5-2.0 minutes.

Lasix for swelling

For the moderate intensity of edema syndrome initial Lasix dosage should be 20-80 mg peroral, or 20-40 mg intravenously or intramuscularly. If the effect is not good enough then the Lasix doses could be increased with another 40 mg peroral, or 20 mg intravenously. Increasing dosage is not allowed earlier than six-eight hours after the initial dose of Lasix oral, and not earlier than two hours after parenteral administration. Dosage correction should be done to reach adequate diuresis. Hence such experimentally gotten dosage can be prescribed once or twice a day. The maximum effect of this diuretic can be observed with taking the drug two-four times a week.

Lasix pediatric dose depends on the child’s weight and the way the Lasix is going to be administrated. Initial peroral dose is 2mg/kg, parenteral dose is 1 mg/kg. It is possible to increase the dose later on 2 mg/kg for peroral use in six-eight hours after initial Lasix dose and on 1 mg/kg with parenteral use in two hours after initial dose. Otherwise it will be too much Lasix that can lead to a development of complications.

Lasix diuretic for complex treating hypertension usually is 80 mg a day, but it is recommended to divided it into two equal dose. It is not recommended to increases the normal dose of Lasix due to the possible side effects of Lasix, in such cases doctors advice to add other antihypertensive medications.

In case of lungs edema Lasix should be administered by stream infusion (40 mg), if effect is not enough it is possible to add another 20-40 mg of intravenous Lasix in 20 minutes. For the forced diuresis 20-40 mg of Lasix should be added to a solution for the intravenous infusion. Later on the dose of Lasix may be corrected depending on water-electrolytes balance and patient’s condition.

Lasix side effects

The use of big doses of Lasix leads to the decrease of circulating blood volume which in turn leads to the blood thickening, therefore the development of blood clots is possible, and this is quite serious Lasix adverse reactions. One of the most common side effects is development of water-electrolytes impairment which is known as Lasix and metabolic alkolosis especially in presence of diabetes; deficit of sodium, chlor, calcium, potassium; impairment of biochemical characteristics of blood, including increased level of creatinine, cholesterol, triglycerides, uric acid (with acute gout), glucose (especially in presence of diabetes).

There are also a number of possible allergic reactions for different uses of Lasix including so called Lasix rash, dermatitis, itchiness, purpura, and erythema. It even could be anaphylactic shock. Blood problems are not common as lasix side effects but still can present in form of leukopenia, eosinophilia, hematolitic changes, agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenia. Preterm born babies and infants with low birth weight Lasix use during first weeks of life may lead to a patent ductus arteriosus.

Furosemide contradictions include any obvious impairment of water-electrolytes balance, intolerance of furosemide or any other component of Lasix drug, anuria, dehydration, deficit of circulating blood volume, any stage of liver coma, preganncy before twelve weeks and breastfeeding. Moreover, Lasix prescription during pregnancy after its twelve weeks should be done only in case of strong indications because this diuretic is able to go through placenta barrier.

Lasix interaction with other medications

It is known that Lasix may lead to the development of hypopotassaemia, which in turn leads to the enforcement of cardiac glicosides action. Combined therapy of Lasix and glucocorticosteroids and purgative medications needs a control of electrolytic blood composition, because such combined therapy increases risk of hypokalaemia. Lasix combination with cephalosporin range antibiotics or aminiglicosides may lead to the increase of their levels and thus to a stronger side effects of Lasix itsef. It is worth to remember that NSAIDs, probenicide, and phenytoin vam lessen the diuretic effect of Lasix. Diabetic drugs taken together with Lasix should be corrected properly. Lasix can enforce the toxic effects of theophyllin, lithium medications, and neuromuscular relaxants.

In case of Lasix overdose the most common sign is hypotension, electrolytes balance impairment, dizziness, dry mouth, blur vision. To treat Lasix overdose one needs to restore the normal water-electrolytes balance and to stabilize the circulating blood volume.

Lasix is manufactured in the form of tablets: Lasix 40 mg (45 pills in a pack) and Lasix 40 mg (50 pills in a pack); and as a solution for intravenous administration (10 mg to 1 ml), each ampule contains 2 ml of Lasix iv, the pack has ten ampules.

How to store lasix at home?

Just put Lasix prescribed by doctor in a safe place without direct sunlight with romm temperature of 17-26 degrees centigrade.

What is composition of Lasix?

Is Lasix a loop diuretic? Even though Lasix has few components, its main ingredient is still furosemide which belongs to a class of loop diuretics, so by mechanism of action Lasix can be accepted as loop diuretic. The additional components of Lasix include corn starch, lactose, colloidal silicium, anhydrous talc, stearat Mg.

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