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Erectile Dysfunction

What is erectile dysfunction?

The failures in sexual life are often called impotence, but this name is not correct.
Impotence – is a condition in which a man can not have intercourse under any circumstances.
Fortunately, impotence is very rare. Most often occurs in men such condition as erectile dysfunction. These erection problems are random and periodic.

Mechanisms of erection:

Before talking about the problem of erectile dysfunction, you need a little refresh your memory the structure of the penis, as well as the current understanding of how it functions. Penis consists of two cavernous and one spongy body. Cavernous bodies resemble the shape of spindle. These are located adjacent to each other. The spongy body, which terminates in the glans penis, is under them.
The bodies of the penis are unrelated by blood vessels. Each body has its artery. The blood is delivered to these arteries to the penis. The penis also has veins that this blood flows back.

The bodies of the penis in their structure is resembles a sponge. They contain many small gaps or cavities in Latin. This feature of their structure makes possible the phenomenon of erection.
More details about the structure of the male genitalia, you can read in the corresponding article.

In the penis during sexual arousal, the following occurs:

1. dilate the arteries that bring blood to the cavernous and spongy bodies.
2. Veins that blood flowing, sharply narrowed.
3. In the gaps of the penis accumulates a large amount of blood
4. Gap appears strained and erection.

This state of the vessels retained throughout erection. At this time, all tissue of the penis, with the exception of the skin, do not get the blood supply and are in a state of ischemia.

Types and causes of erectile dysfunction:

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by several kinds of reasons – endocrine, drug, local, neurologic and vascular. These causes are responsible for the organic form of erectile dysfunction. It is caused by some change or disorder in the body.

Form of psychological erectile dysfunction is much more common. In this case, a normal sex life is not possible due to neuropsychiatric especially men.

Sometimes two causes of erectile dysfunction are mixed.
Psychological problems added to the organic problems with erection. After elimination of the first disease, patients often need psychological help.


Endocrine causes of erectile dysfunction:

– Hypogonadism (lack of gonadal function and low production of the male hormone testosterone.)

Symptoms: increase in voice, stopping the growth of hair on the face and body, the deposition of fat in the chest, thighs, and buttocks.

The disease is rare. The patient needs help physician.

– Pituitary tumors – one of the most important endocrine glands of the human body, which is located in the brain. The tumor secretes the hormone prolactin, which causes persistent erectile dysfunction.

Diagnosis involves a CT scan of the brain and hormonal studies of the patient.

Medication causes of erectile dysfunction:

Some drugs may have an adverse effect on erectile function of the male body. Hormonal drugs can block the action of male sex hormones. These drugs are called anti-androgens.

Preparations based on female sex hormones cause serious problems with erectile dysfunction (due to violation of all the hormonal mechanism of erection).

Erectile function quickly restored after discontinuation of the drug.

– Substances with a depressing effect on the cerebral cortex (alcohol and narcotic drugs). Alcohol and drugs cause the total exhaustion that kills erectile function and reproductive system.

In such cases, to restore normal erection necessary:

1. The complete cessation of alcohol and drug use.
2. Period of convalescence held under the supervision of a physician.
3.Psychological assistance.

– Drugs that block the peripheral nerves responsible for an erection. Who knows, for example, what antihistamines, the most famous representative of which is diphenhydramine, for this reason should not take more than 10 days?

Local causes of erectile dysfunction:

  • penileinjury, multiple injectionsinto the penis, priapismtransferred

The result is a sclerosis of the corpora cavernosa. In this case, the thin tissue of the cavernous bodies, partially or completely, replaced by a rough solid connective tissue, that is not capable to achieve an erection.

Sclerosis erectile tissue has a very unfavorable prognostic sign for erectile dysfunction. If fact sclerosis diagnostically proven, to help such a patient can only operations of prosthesis.

Neurological causes of erectile dysfunction:

Neurological causes of erectile dysfunction include:
epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain and spinal cord, pelvic and perineal different operations in these areas.

Sometimes, due to other symptoms of neurological problems, treatment of erectile dysfunction postponed. Severe disorders of erectile function after surgery or trauma often becomes a serious problem. Medicine proposes to establish falo prosthesis such patients.

Vascular causes of erectile dysfunction:

It is the most common cause of sexual dysfunction.

Two main types of vascular disorders in erectile dysfunction:

– Insufficient arterial inflow (An erection occurs long, hard, rarely very high quality, and often the penis is in a kind of intermediate position between the quiescent state and excitation.)
– Excessive the outflow of blood through the veins (stimulation of the penis occurs quickly, the erection is very good, but very quickly passes, not allowing to finish (sometimes even to start) sexual intercourse.)

Diseases caused by erectile dysfunction in this group: endarteritis, atherosclerosis of the aorta and large arteries, aortic aneurysm, varicose veins, various injuries pelvic and perineal.

It can be very difficult to find the root cause that caused the violation of erectile function.

Erection problems may arise with hypertension and diabetes.

Erectile dysfunction in this case is caused by several factors: neurological, vascular, local and medication.

Also say a few words about erectile dysfunction in chronic prostatitis. It is due to two reasons:

  1. The general exhaustion and psychological factors (prostate leads to the development of a deep depression in men).
    2. Erection problems in chronic prostatitis can be caused by inflammation of nerve bundles (which are responsible for the occurrence of an erection), located in the prostate gland.

    To restore normal erectile function is necessary to completely cure the disease, or at least make it stable remission. Ideally, such patients after treatment are necessary to consult a sexologist.


Psychological causes of erection problems:

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction have an important place among all other causes.

Erection in men may not appear, quickly disappear or be of poor quality if:
– Man suffering from depression
– Has prolonged stress
– fatigue
– General poor health
– Dissatisfaction with himself, his partner, the situation
– In conflicts with a partner
– Is a discrepancy between sexual habits and requirements of partners
– When the fear of the possibility of pregnancy or STDs (mostly AIDS).

Types of psychological erectile dysfunction:

– A man can not have intercourse with one partner and has success with another partner (with mistress – can have sex, with wife – can not).

– A syndrome first meeting. In this case, men have problems with erection only when the first intimacy with a partner. For all other meetings, all is fine.

At first intercourse, excitement is so great, that by the time of sexual intercourse body gets tired of it, and the erection disappears.

For many youths failure at first intercourse becomes more psychological impact, and can cause great difficulties and problems in the sexual sphere of life.

– The inability to sexual intercourse with a condom.

– With labile psyche men
– In combination with other therapeutic measures are often used physiotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, magnetic and laser therapy. Use vitamins for erectile dysfunction.
– Symptomatic treatment. Its mission is to restore the ability of men to a normal erection. To do this, experts have developed a number of methods.

Local therapy negative pressure:

– Intracavernous administration of drugs
– Intraurethral administration Suppository
– Drug therapy
– Vascular surgery on the penis
– Endoprosthesis penis
– psychological help for erectile dysfunction