Smok-ox helps you to quit smoking changing your perception of smoke, you feel it as something disgusting and distasteful. Smok-ox is a food supplement of clinically tested herbs which aids you quit smoking. This food supplement has a pleasant smell and taste. It acts changing your taste: your habitual pleasure from smoke changes and you start to perceive it as something unfamiliar causing disgust and distaste.

Well, you should have to know the reality and the reality is that you will not feel the same for a very long time. The more you smoke, the more symptoms you may develop like:

• coughing

• difficult breathing

• cancer

• chronic bronchitis

• heart disease

Smok-ox is purely a natural herbal product containing no chemicals or artificial stains. It is used to lessen the urge to smoke. It is aimed to cease your craving for nicotine and helps to eliminate toxins from the body. It improves metabolism and as a result prevents weight gaining.

Clinically tested, Smok-OX is made up of all-natural herbs that really reduce the desire for smoking. Not only that, Smok-Ox purifies the body of all chemicals and toxins. The unique Smok-Ox formula detoxifies the body, cleanse the lungs, blood and other organs.

Smok-OX helps to reduce withdrawal symptoms like:

• coughing

• soar throat

• fatigue

• stomach pain

• irritability

• anxiety

The nosological classification (ICD-10) of Smok-ox

F17.2 Nicotine addiction

F17.3 abstinent condition caused by tobacco use

Precautions of Smok-ox

Consult your doctor in case you are allergic to any herbal component of the product.

Contraindications of Smok-ox

Any contraindications haven’t been identified.

Possible side effect of Smok-ox

This medication is not known to produce any side effects provided you take it as per the prescribed dosage.

Drug interactions of Smok-ox

In case you are not confident whether this medicinal product is compatible with other medicines or supplements, discuss it with your doctor or pharmacist. It is not advisable to combine the usage of this product with other drugs without your doctor’s permission as it may result in a serious aggravation.

Сomposition of Smok-ox

Each capsule of this product contains following active ingredients: Aloe Vera – 10mg; Curcuma longa – 200mg; Camellia sinensis – 10mg; Eugenia Caryophyllus – 20mg; Zinebar Officinale – 10mg; Mentha Piperita – 10mg; Cinnamomum zeylanicum – 10mg; Piper Nigrum – 20mg; Glycyrrhiza – 70mg; Emblica officinals – 100mg. Giving up smoking means the improved color of your skin; decreased hair loss; facilitated memory activity; improved blood circulation and lung functions; reduced risk of myocardial infarction. All ingredients used in the formula of this product aimed to cease nicotine craving. It is also a potent detoxifying agent that helps to eliminate all poisoning chemicals that were built up in your body.

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