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Why Are Drugs Cheaper in Canada than in the US?

Folks who are faced with some unpleasant diseases and, consequently, a necessity to buy medications are sometimes shocked with devilishly elevated prices for them. Medicines can be very expensive things, especially in the US. Citizens who live there definitely know this.

Fortunately, globalization and development of international trade have created a positive situation, when people can buy cheaper drugs from other countries. Canada is the most famous country in this kind, it is kinda sunshine for some people.

Generics Are Always Cheaper – Why Is It So?

Let’s start with original (genuine) meds. Development of each drugs is a very time-consuming and costly process. First, scientists (chemists and pharmacists) should invent a substance that must have a certain effect. Then a lot of studies and tests are to be performed. 

Interestingly, Viagra, the most famous pill for ED, was invented by chance. More precisely, the pharmaceutical company (Pfizer‘s Sandwich facility) wanted to develop a remedy against angina, but it turned out that the substance coped with problems of potency much better than with heart diseases. Nevertheless, the company spent a lot of money on testing the component.

Usually, pharmaceutical giants spend hundreds of millions or billions of dollars to develop a new product. They need to first test the substance on animals. Then studies with participation of human volunteers are conducted. If everything is ok, it is also necessary to determine the features of the use of a new drug in patients of different categories, including those who suffer from serious renal, hepatic and heart diseases, etc.

Subsequently, drug-producing companies need to pay rewards and salaries for the participation of volunteers and scientists. After drug approval by regulatory authorities (FDA in the USA, the Therapeutic Products Directorate in Canada), a large budget is spent on drug advertising. For example, in the 2000s, Viagra advertising was very common. Now Pfizer spends much less money on ads, because Viagra is already a very identifiable brand that does not need to be advertised.

Do you understand where we’re going with this? Original drug-makers spend gigantic budgets. But generic-producing companies don’t have to do so. They just use ready-made formula of the preparation. The lower the expenses, the lower the price of drugs. Generic drug-makers are able to do this.

Canada is one of the largest markets for sales of generic products from India and other countries. It also has its own generic drugmaking companies. Hence Canadian non-genuine medications are always cheaper.

Moreover, even branded products are less expensive in this country in comparison to the United States. This is associated with the fact that the US health costs are the world’ highest. According to the report by Irene Papanicolas, PhD, et al. (accessible via JAMA Network) spending on pharmaceuticals in the United States is $1,443 per person. It is much more than in Switzerland, the next-highest country, where an average person spends $939 a year.

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Purchasing Drugs from Canada – Key Benefits

There is a smorgasbord of Canadian chemist’s shops in the cyber space. Opting for them, you get the following benefits:

  • a wide assortment of medicines including different types of generics (eg, sildenafil may be available as generic Viagra, Kamagra, Kamagra Jelly, Viagra Professional, etc.);
  • high level of anonymity (many people feel more confident purchasing needed medications online);
  • convenience – it may be physically difficult to find some medications in brick-and-mortar drugstores, online browsing is a more comfortable option;
  • buying online is possible in just a few mouse clicks;
  • top-notch medications at low prices, which is a distinctive feature of Canadian drug stores;
  • relatively fast delivery.

Risks of Buying Medications in Canadian Online Pharmacies

Internet activity cannot be easily tracked or regulated therefore, some swindlers have decided to take advantage of this. They create fake pharmacies that sell counterfeited preparations, which may be underdosed, overdosed or just be empty – without any active ingredient (all their constituents are useless fillers). Plus, according to one Pfizer study, counterfeits may contain such strange things as printer ink and drywall. Therefore, you should be careful and medicinewise if you buy medicaments over the Internet. Trusted websites of pharmacies usually have the following:

  • well-developed design;
  • presence of the physical address;
  • presence of the phone number of the website;
  • trustable payment methods.

TogetherRX pharmacy provides high-quality meds from reliable drug-makers.

Viagra in Canada – Prices for “Blue Diamond”

Viagra, a sildenafil-based drug, is probably the most popular medicament bought from Canadian pharmacies. This situation is multifactorial. First, according to the statistics, a lion’s share of men above 40 (50) experience erectile function issues. Secondly, even young males sometimes face this frightful condition but mostly of psychogenic nature. Thirdly, genuine Viagra is extremely expensive for some categories of population. Consequently, men want so save their budget, turning to online pharmacies.