danger of rubella

What is the danger of rubella ?

Rubella – a contagious viral disease that is characterized by a particular season, usually in children. This diagnosis often place in the spring and summer. Such dependence is associated primarily with parents ignoring vaccination calendar, and secondly, with the seasonal decrease immunity. So if to your child   get vaccinated in time, most likely, he will not become infected.

However, in order to vaccination was effective, need to comply with certain conditions: First, the vaccine, which instilled a child should be of high quality (not expired, stored in the refrigerator), and secondly, the vaccination should be done according to the adopted calendar, third, during this procedure, the baby needs to be healthy.

What is rubella?

Along with the increase in temperature (sometimes up to 39 degrees), fine pale red rash all over the body pours out at once, but it abundantly on the back and buttocks, extensor parts of the extremities. In some places the rash is discharged into the pink oval spots. After two or three days, the rash fades and disappears, leaving only occasionally short-term minor pigmentation.

In addition to measles, rubella rash can be confused with sudamen, drug allergies, scarlet fever. In order to avoid undue risk entrust the doctor make a diagnosis which is confirmed by the analysis. The patient’s condition is almost not affected. Typical rubella is swollen lymph nodes, and sometimes even noticeable visually. Sometimes rubella infection is generally asymptomatic.

What is the danger of rubella ?

Rubella is dangerous crosses the placenta in fetal tissue and leads him to death or severe deformities. Survivors infected children have congenital malformations – hydrocephalus, deafness, cataracts, heart defects, and other severe lesions with chronic rubella infection. When rubella infection in pregnant women in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy in many countries, it is recommended to interrupt.

Typically rubella does not require treatment, the temperature in the case can be used antipyretics, other symptoms – if indicated. The rash should not be processed. However, it is recommended bed rest for up to 5 days, drink plenty (for the early elimination of toxins). Sick people can shed virus up to 3 weeks, while he is not sick.

Therefore it is necessary to protect pregnant women without a history of rubella, by contact with sick during this period, and in the case of contact – immediately enter gamma globulin. If a woman is infected gestation up to 3 months – need interrupt the pregnancy, as this term gamma globulin does not guarantee protection against heavy impact.


You can prevent rubella vaccine, it is recommended to do all the kids in the 12-15 months, 6 years and girls 15 years of age (if they have been vaccinated against measles), and women who are planning a pregnancy if they have no immunity to rubella (this is evident by a blood test). Deaths in vaccination against rubella was not. But sometimes there are complications – pain at the injection site, painful joints, fever – a couple of days and they pass. To reduce the likelihood of these complications, postpone vaccination if you feel unwell, pale, having a headache.

If there are complications, shows the use of drugs against allergies , corticosteroids, antibiotics (such as Generic Amoxil (Amoxicillin), Generic Levaquin (Levofloxacin), Generic Minocin (Minocycline) and others, which you can buy online through the Internet that will cost you cheap or with good discounts. In all cases, the use of vitamin preparations, and the natural vitamins contained in the juices, fruits and vegetables.