Vision problems. How to improve vision at home?

Improves vision at home – it’s not difficult. It is impossible to overestimate the ability to see. After all, vision – one of the most important human senses. With it, we get up to 80% of the information about the world. Apart from the natural age, there are many reasons visual impairment. Recently, a lot of young people and teenagers already have vision problems.

People rarely think about the causes of visual impairment, hurry to buy glasses. Meanwhile, a myriad of reasons. Therefore, to successfully combat the deterioration of vision in the home, it is necessary to understand the reasons.

Causes of visual impairment:

– Diseases of the spine. The fact is that the vision is directly subordinated to brain activity, including the spinal cord passes through the spine.

– Fatigue. Lack of sleep, stress leads not only to poor vision, but also to other health problems.

– Contamination of the organism “slag” and other harmful substances. Harmful substances adversely affect the entire body, including your vision.

– Drinking alcohol and smoking. Proved that harmful habits lead to serious changes in the cardiovascular system, muscles, including the retina.

How to improve vision at home

If you notice symptoms of visual impairment, do not despair. There are many ways to improve vision at home. This is a snap. One has only to slightly change the style of food and the rhythm of life …

Firstly, you need to give up bad habits, relax, try to eliminate stress. Improved vision in the home will require you to quite a few. The process consists of several components:

– Proper nutrition.

– Gymnastics and exercises to strengthen the view.

– Folk remedies to improve vision.

Nutrition to improve vision at home

To improve visual acuity in your daily diet should add foods rich in vitamins and useful substances (Vitamin A – eggs, carrots, apricots, spinach, liver, B Vitamins B – whole wheat bread and dairy products; Vitamin C – vegetables, berries and fruit, particularly citrus fruit, Vitamin E – vegetable oil (preferably unrefined), pea, and wheat germ; Lutein – cabbage, avocado, beans. Potassium – honey, vinegar, raw vegetables.

Thus, a diet should consist of 60% of food of vegetable origin. Particular attention should be paid to fish, carrot juice, blueberry juice and parsley. All of these products contain a large amount of useful substances to view. Scientists have proved that such a vegetable diet has a positive effect on the process of improving vision at home.

It also has a preventive impact, and will be useful to those who thought about eye health. Improving surely come, if you eat these foods. Remember also that the food should be diverse. Should not completely exclude meat food or other products.

Exercises for the eyes

Eyes used to seeing naturally without tension, so forget about any efforts. Any voltage leads to eye fatigue, and as a consequence, impairment of vision. As long as possible to preserve your vision is normal, remember a few simple rules:

– Breathe easy.

– Blink and move automatically, without tension.

– Think of seen objects without strain.

– Most close your eyes. So you give them a rest.

Warm up for the eyes

– Relaxation. To relax your eyes, you need comfortably to lie on your back, close your eyes and relax the eyelids. Try to mentally feel ease. Relaxation time – about 3-5 minutes.

– To improve circulation, try to blink several times or to blink for 3-5 seconds.

– Excellent helps massage to relax the eyes. Make simple movements: stroking fingers, light pressure, rubbing with your palm. Its worth doing in the direction from the nose to the temples.

– Excellent helps the eyes relax contrast washing. Type in the palm of cold water and splash into the eyes. Also repeat and with hot.

Traditional medicine to improve vision at home

– Eye Drops of blueberries. They are differ medicinal properties. Drops prepared immediately before use. You need to take 5-7 blueberries and squeeze the juice from them. Daily 1-2 drops of juice in the eye.

– Juice of greens and carrots also help at home to improve eyesight. Take 30 grams of carrots, chicory, celery and parsley. Squeezed juice. It need to drink 1 time per day.

– Carrot and honey nectar. Helps to restore vision squeezed carrot juice. Every day, drink a glass of juice with a spoon of honey.

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Remember that for the good result, therapy should be comprehensive and regular. The main is effort and regularity !!!!