Treatment of ovarian cysts without surgery

The choice of treatment tactics detection of ovarian cysts depends on many factors. Competent gynecologist, a leading patient with this diagnosis, consider the following:

  • Availability of patient complaints (pain and discomfort in the abdomen, difficulty with urination and discharge of stool, fever and other signs of inflammation);
  • Size of the brush on the results of ultrasound, resizing over time and depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle;
  • View cysts (which without surgery often can not be specified);
  • The presence of the patient related gynecological diseases and conditions: pregnancy, adnexitis, endometriosis, and hormonal imbalances;
  • Age of the patient;
  • General health: heart disease and blood vessels, urinary tract infections, obesity, etc.

Only after analyzing all these circumstances, the physician can make an informed and educated decision. If all the evidence suggests that the observed cyst is functional in nature or a corpus luteum cyst, then, with its small size, you can try to do with conservative methods of treatment. All other cysts – dermoid, endometrioid, etc. – Preferably still be surgically removed.

Symptomatic treatment of ovarian cyst

Symptomatic treatment – it measures aimed at elimination of unpleasant and painful symptoms, in other words – the complaints of the patient. If the cyst is causing some discomfort in the home, you can take the following measures:

  1. With painful cramps in the abdomen can try to warm the affected area. You can use a heating pad, linen bag with warm sand or salt, plastic bottle with warm water. It is not necessary to use heating, when it is the temperature, extraction and other signs of inflammation.
  2. It is advisable to monitor the regularity of the chair and empty your bladder as soon as there is a desire to urinate. This will contribute to the preservation of normal blood circulation and will be a good prevention of congestive processes in the pelvis.
  3. Pain in the lower abdomen are just an indication for receiving analgesic and antispasmodic drugs: paracetamol, dipyrone, etc.
  4. To relax the smooth muscle of the uterus and appendages, bladder and bowel, can be 1-2 times a day for 3-4 weeks to make herbal teas on the basis of raspberries, blueberries, chamomile and mint.

Medication (conservative) treatment of ovarian cysts

Treatment appointed gynecologist with ovarian cysts, may be directed to the following links in the disease process:

Elimination of inflammatory processes in the pelvis. For this purpose, used antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and medications to prevent the formation of adhesions ( such as Generic Estrace (Estradiol), Generic Dexone (Dexamethasone), Generic Celebrex (Celecoxib) and others, which you can buy online through the Internet that will cost you cheap or with good discounts);

Regulation of hormonal levels in its imbalance. To this end, the most frequently prescribed oral contraceptives (OCs). These contraceptives contain female hormones first and second phase of the cycle – estrogen and progesterone.

Influenced OCs ovaries temporarily reduce its activity to a minimum – “rest”: they are not going follicle maturation, reduced production of hormones. At the same time on the basis of feedback reduces the activity of the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland aimed at the synthesis of hormones that stimulate the ovaries.

If oral contraceptives continues for three – four menstrual cycles, during which time the functional cysts and corpus luteum cysts may disappear entirely. At the same time, the body adjusts to the natural rhythm of cycles, and so after the abolition OCs , women often say that they have returned to normal duration and regularity of the cycle, reduce pain and blood loss during menstruation, premenstrual symptoms have been unpleasant.

If within three treatment cycles OCs cyst in the ovary has not disappeared – the patient recommend laparoscopic surgery to remove a cyst that which is most likely not the functional.

Treatment of ovarian cysts with traditional methods

Most of the proposed traditional healers treatments of ovarian cysts have the same anti-inflammatory effect. Here are the simple ones.

  • Take a small head white onion, peel it from the husk and immerse it in the honey. In the evening, when the bow is impregnated with honey, wrap it in one or two layers of gauze and place for the night in the vagina. The procedure is repeated for ten days.
  • Peony tincture (available at pharmacies) – 1 tsp, purified or just boiled water – 1 tsp Drink mix and three times a day for 4 weeks, and necessarily at the same time. If the cyst is not passed – take a break week and a half, and then repeat the course.
  • Tincture of walnut shell. Cook for themselves: 14 nuts thoroughly cleaned, free from nucleoli, pour quality vodka (0.5 l.) And insist in a dark place for a week, then strain. Take tincture in the morning on an empty stomach one tablespoon for a month.

There are also more complex and multi-piece drug charges, offered by folk medicine for the treatment of ovarian cysts.

In parallel with the conservative treatment of cysts can resort to acupuncture, dietary therapy for weight loss (fat tissue is a depot for sex hormones, and its excess leads to hormonal imbalance).