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TOP-10 Countries Where Sex Toys Are the Most Popular

Several years ago, Vouchercloud, a UK company, came up with an interesting study and published World Sex Toy Rankings. Some states appeared to be hornier than others. You might think that the US, a country which brought a lot for sexual revolution in the XXth century, heads the top, but this is not so. Data was obtained by evaluating the number of relevant searches in a search engine.

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Leading Countries By Searching/Using Sex Toys in Population

1. Denmark. 118 out of 1000 Danish men and women search for sex toys in Google. By the may, in 2017 Danes were named one of the most promiscuous nations in the world. For instance, Danish ladies have on average 4.30 sexual partners during the year according to the survey. Danish men tend also to be horny, but women definitely hold leadership. Nevertheless, this country hasn’t obtained the victory in terms of promiscuity, it has ranked 4th in the global rating, while Finland, Spain and Ireland have taken the first, second, and third places respectively.

2. Sweden. As you know about the leading position of Denmark, it would not be a surprise that their Scandinavian neighbor, Sweden, takes the second place with 115 toy-related searching queries per one hundred internet users.

3. Greenland. Again, we note extraordinariness considering the fact that this big island (by the way, the world’s largest one) is an autonomous part of Denmark. The indicator of promiscuity among Greenlanders is 108/1000.

4. United States. This time the US is not on the podium, but they take decent position in this strange but captivating rating. However, a bulk of marketplaces offering these items are based in the USA, which goes without saying due to existence of such giants as Amazon which offers a lot of sexual wellness.

5. United Kingdom. This country features slightly fewer than 100 searches (namely 96) per 1000 users of the World Wide Web. The UK is also famous for another thing. In 2015, Coco de Mer, a London-based sex shop released an advertising movie which was recognized one of the most provocative commercials in the world. This video was named ‘X’ and broadcasted in British cinemas and online as well.

The second quinary in the list of ten countries includes the Netherlands, Russia, Bulgaria, Italy and Australia.

For better visualization, see the picture below (taken from

top countries where sex toys are the most popular

Benefits of Sex Toys

Often, sex toys are not just entertainment or a fad. Sometimes they are needed to add variety to an intimate life or to restore former passion. In the life of every man there are periods when serious age-related and sexual changes occur in the body. In this case, he can help himself using toys for sex.

Please note that in serious cases of erectile dysfunction, no toys will help. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you need to be examined by a doctor and begin treatment with effective medications. Modern pharmacological agents (sildenafil, tadalafil, etc.) are highly effective and in most cases hit the target. Despite the fact that they work symptomatically and cannot enlarge the penis permanently, they are the only efficient solution at the moment, and they do their job.

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Does the Use of Sex Toys Mean Increase in Happiness?

According to other studies, Danish people are the happiest nation in the world (Forbes data), and they have top rankings in sex toy searches. As for a modest small country, these are unprecedented achievements. But it is unclear whether the use of the toys actually correlate with happiness, as such a correlation is not always observed in case of other countries from the abovementioned list. However, it is clear that kinky sex toys may enrich your sexual life and, accordingly, family relationships. So if you feel that your sex gradually worsens and your feelings are cooling, it’s probably the time to try something new in bed.

What about you? Have you searched for sex toys this year/week/day?