The treatment of virus influenza

Flu – is a contagious respiratory disease that is transmitted by airborne droplets. Today, there are more than 2000 variants of influenza, which differ in antigenic spectrum.

Many people mistakenly call the word “flu” any acute respiratory disease, or SARS, but in fact in addition to the common flu today and other infections related to the class of SARS. Scientists are actively studying the flu virus, highlighting several subtypes, which are especially dangerous for people in terms of the epidemic. The virus itself has a spherical structure. The core comprises a single-stranded negative strand RNA, which consists of eight fragments encoding the 10 viral proteins.

Influenza virus type A – affects humans and some animals (pigs, ferrets, horses, birds). This is the type of epidemic and pandemic of moderate to severe (swine flu, bird flu).

Influenza virus type B – found only in humans, often in children. This type does not cause epidemics and pandemics, mostly local outbreak.

Influenza virus type C – today practically not been studied. It is known that he also, like a virus type B infects only humans and does not cause disease strong gravity. Symptoms usually appear weak or do not appear at all. Likely to be infected mostly children because of a weakened immune system. Most often, this type of virus outbreaks coincide with the epidemic caused by type A.

The influenza virus, as a rule, highly resistant to low temperatures. Mainly distributed in the autumn-winter period. Cell can kill a virus warming to 50-60 ° over several minutes.

Symptoms of virus influenza

Flu symptoms are usually always immediately pronounced. Onset of the disease is manifested sufficiently rapidly and is characterized primarily by an increase in body temperature to 39 -40 ° C. This is accompanied by a strong fever, weakness, pain in the forehead and temples, eyeballs, body aches, increased sweating. The patient immediately loses his appetite, his sleep is getting worse. High fever in the first days of illness can cause delusions and hallucinations. What is characteristic of the onset of the disease, lesions of the respiratory tract does not occur immediately. At first, it may be a dry cough, hoarseness of voice and feeling sore throat. Can also start small nasal discharge.

The third – fourth day the body temperature is more stable, but still below normal. During this period begin to show symptoms of the respiratory tract – increasing cough, swelling of the throat occurs, the feeling of stuffiness in the nose. Symptoms of the flu virus can be confused with other acute respiratory infections, however, it is worth remembering that if it is really the flu, treatment should begin immediately, because it can lead to a lot of different complications.

Flu-like symptoms may occur in people of any age. It is not necessary that they occur in a predetermined order. If virus type B or C, it is quite possible that the sick will not feel too bad. But the treatment implies a complete rest for a few days – at a time when the virus can occur particularly strong.

Prevention of virus influenza

Prevention of influenza virus is possible and even necessary. Especially in a period of strong infection. The principle of prevention is to maximize the immune system and provide the body with natural forces to combat viruses. For some types of influenza virus has already developed special vaccinations, you can reduce the risk of contracting influenza for a period of 1-2 months. However, in any case, there are many types of the virus, so during epidemics better to stick to specific rules.

Since the flu virus is transmitted by airborne droplets, do not neglect the advice not to deal with the source of the disease. If on your place of work or study begins to spread the epidemic, it is worth take a short leave for your own safety, otherwise there is no guarantee that the virus will pass your side.

The second suggestion – it boosts the body’s natural or strengthen the immune system. To combat influenza organism spends enormous amounts of energy, so it is gradually replenish its natural resources. This can be done either using special medications that are taken and as a flu prevention and treatment as well as folk remedies – more B vitamins C, garlic, onions and a warm drink with honey or raspberry jam.

The third advice – to do constantly cleaning the respiratory system. This can be done at home, rinse the nasopharynx special structures or simple solution of sea salt and water.

Before leaving the house, or in places where accumulates a lot of people should be applied to the inside of the nasal passages oxolinic ointment. This will help protect against infection fast .

The treatment of virus influenza

If you feel the first symptoms of the flu – namely, fever, headache, cough, or sore throat, should immediately start taking action to avoid the development of influenza moderate to severe. The first treatment of influenza requires to increase the amount of drinking – it can be any hot drink (tea, juice, milk with honey). The patient should be placed in a separate room, to minimize his contact with other family members. Of course, it is necessary to allocate a separate bowl for the patient, personal hygiene products (napkins, handkerchiefs), clothing and bedding.

Many supporters of the popular methods of treatment of influenza virus argue that the question of “how to treat flu” can be easily answered – “without any medicaments”, but doctors say that it is necessary to combine the two methods, otherwise it is impossible to lower the body temperature in the acute phase, and this may lead to complications of the heart, lungs, kidneys and other organs. Of the drugs during treatment of influenza antiviral rimantadine prescribed, which is taken in moderate to severe cases, 0.3 g in the first day and 0.05 g for the next day, and oxolinic ointment and leukocyte interferon.

To lower the body temperature and heat removal using traditional medicines – paracetamol, aspirin, in severe cases – intramuscular injections of dipyrone with diphenhydramine in a given proportion.

Also to prevent or treat the flu, avoid complications, such as pneumonia, there are antiviral drugs against influenza, as Generic Symmetrel (Amantadine) , Generic Famvir (Famciclovir) , Valtrex (Valacyclovir) and others, which you can buy online through the Internet that will cost you cheap or with good discounts.