The most common gynecological diseases

Gynecological or woman’s disease called female genital diseases (uterine, ovarian and others). Very important for every woman to prevent women’s diseases and their timely detection of early stages. For this woman needs to know the basic symptoms of gynecological diseases and their causes…

The symptoms of gynecological diseases can occur in violation of the correct position of the internal reproductive organs (including the uterus and ovaries) and abnormal development. Many gynecological diseases are caused by infection. Some women’s diseases are caused by disorders of the endocrine glands, especially the ovaries (hormonal disorders). Genitals of women may be affected by tumors. Some diseases may arise due to complicated pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. Women’s diseases occur more often on favorable background for them, in the presence of conditions conducive to the development of gynecological diseases. Contributing to gynecological diseases are fatigue women, stress, hypothermia, malnutrition, diseases of other organs, weakening the female body, and so on.

Symptoms of diseases of the female genital organs are most often whites (excessive amounts or unusual nature of the discharge from the genitals), menstrual disorders, bleeding from the genitals. Most gynecological diseases accompanied in varying degrees of severity abdominal pain.

Symptoms of gynecological diseases can appear diseases of reflection in contact with the internal genital organs (bladder, rectum). Menstrual disorders and bleeding observed in violation of ovarian function, complications of pregnancy. Often these symptoms are observed in inflammatory (infectious) diseases of the genital organs, in tumors of female sexual sphere. Pain or discomfort in the lower abdomen and lower back accompanied by almost all women’s diseases. They can occur suddenly and be acute in onset of the disease (acute inflammatory disease), may occur in the process of developing the disease (chronic diseases), or first appear in advanced gynecological diseases, the treatment of which is already difficult (for example, cancer of female genital mutilation ).

Recently, a very often asymptomatic gynecological diseases, including sexually transmitted infections and tumors. Even abnormal vaginal discharge in such diseases are not always. Without analyzes to distinguish them from normal secretions difficult. When hidden during gynecological diseases no abdominal pain, bleeding, menstrual disorders and other symptoms. Therefore, every woman at least twice a year is needed preventive gynecological examination and basic tests (complete blood count, urinalysis, smear on the flora and cytology), the results of which can detect the presence of hidden asymptomatic gynecological diseases and infections in the early stages.

The treatment of gynecological diseases

Women usually go to the doctor, including a gynecologist, when the disease is already difficult – with high fever, severe pain and other symptoms . But, unfortunately, there are diseases that occur without symptoms for a long time, almost does not prove itself. These include many gynecological diseases.

Women’s disease is often accompanied by pain in the abdomen, itching and burning of the external genitalia, vaginal discharge with an unpleasant color and odor, rashes on the genitals, fever. If there are such pronounced symptoms of gynecological diseases, the woman turns to a gynecologist. The gynecologist examines, make diagnoses and prescribes the treatment.

Gynecological diseases with softly pronounced symptoms occur differently. Temperature and pain in the abdomen does not always appear. In addition, the pain is not strong and passes quickly, although it may occur again. Vaginal discharge in such diseases are, but more often they are – the only symptom and appear periodically. And to distinguish them from normal without analysis is difficult. In healthy women, isolation light, almost transparent, itching and burning do not cause. Normally, the amount of bleeding depends on the phase of the menstrual cycle.

Not every woman with mild symptoms of gynecological diseases will go to the gynecologist. Many consult the pharmacy and buy the advertised drug that can destroy the microflora of genitals (both harmful and beneficial) or bring harm to another. If so the woman began the treatment of infectious disease, then it will soon be resumed with renewed vigor. In addition, in microorganisms produced stability of the treatment, they adapt, that their difficult to identify and delete. Often such self-treatment of gynecological diseases and leads to latent chronic diseases.

Below are examples of hidden diseases that occur most frequently and continuously flowing without any symptoms:

  • Inflammatory diseases of the genital organs

Inflamed can any body, but most often in a latent form occurs inflammation of the ovaries and uterus. In most cases, the cause of disease infections are sexually transmitted.

  • Cervical erosion

Damage to the surface layer of cells of the cervix, resulting in the formation of ulceration or degeneration occurs in normal cells precancerous. The only symptom of erosion can be spotting that appear after sexual intercourse and douching.

  • hysteromyoma

With the development of this benign tumor occurs proliferation of muscle cells in the wall of the uterus. Typically, pain and discharge when the disease does not happen, sometimes heavy menstrual bleeding or intermenstrual bleeding. Identify fibroids can gynecologist during a examination and ultrasound.

  • Tumor or ovarian cyst

Lower abdominal pain in this disease almost never happens. In rare cases, in women may be plentiful monthly. This disease is also often recognize the chance during routine inspection of gynecologist. It is important to detect the disease (especially tumor) at an early stage when it can be cured.

In recent years, more and more gynecologists say that inflammatory gynecological diseases become hidden due to uncontrolled treatment.

Not cured in time gynecological diseases the treatment of which was not initiated in time, can lead to:

  • malignant tumors ( human papilloma virus causes cervical cancer)
  • persistent menstrual irregularities (in inflammatory lesions of the ovaries)
  • chronic, recurrent abdominal pain (pelvic pain)
  • problems with conception, pregnancy and birth of a child

Therefore, the earlier a woman ask for help to the gynecologist,- the better. If you find that gynecological disease is an inflammatory nature, gynecologist prescribe analyzes that help identify the causative agent. After analyzing all the results, gynecologist prescribe the treatment of the disease.

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