The diseases of the stomach

A healthy person does not think about the following questions: does he eat right? will the stomach cope with food? how important digestive tract in general. Even when the first signs of disease, a person not hurry to see a doctor, why, when there is a promotional pills that promise to get rid of painful heartburn, and from pain. However, pain and heartburn are not a disease, they are just symptoms, alarming pattern that began disorders in the stomach that can threaten your health.

First of all, the stomach – a muscular organ responsible for digestion. In its upper part, it is bordered by our esophagus and the lower the duodenum. Dimensions of stomach depend on many factors, they can easily change during the day. Changes depend on the fullness of the stomach, it functions as the position of the human body. Consisting stomach of four mucosal performing major functions: two are located within the shell and the rest cover the remaining stomach wall.

Home shell – slimy, it covers the stomach wall and thus saves him from harmful external factors. Gastric cancer cells deliver important to work to restore the epithelium, protecting walls, was stable. Apart from the fact that the glands produce biological substances they produce hydrochloric acid required for the stomach.

Submucosa looks like unstable, loose cloth, a very abundant supply of blood vessels necessary to keep the main power of the gastric mucosa. Muscle shell has a few fibers of different directions in order to help the stomach to deal with the incoming food. For example, the usual hiccups occur at a time when the muscles do not have time to cut properly because of digestive disorders, or is muscle spasm. That is, hiccups is purely muscular origin and has nothing to do with the rest of the stomach lining. Inside between each of the fibers are already nerve endings, promoting the maintenance of health and general tone. Serous membrane acts as a lubricant: its abundant fluid lubricates all the organs, allowing them not to rub together, causing pain. If the inside of the shell starts violation, the nerves react sharply, causing pain in the digestive organs.

The main diseases of the stomach. Causes and symptoms

Normally, when a healthy stomach, gastric juices break down the food, doing the work of the distributor: Useful enters the blood, unnecessary rejected. Care should be taken not to provoke too much acid secretion in the stomach. Usually cause hyperactivity food, especially if it’s coffee or a meal with lots of spices. Greatly increases the level of acid the nicotine, causing gastric juice to get aggressive to himself. Nicotine is harmful to the stomach, smoking on an empty stomach can completely ruin the proper operation of the stomach and cause ulcers. The bottom line is that as long as the body is hungry, he is particularly sensitive to external stimuli. For example, cigarette fasting can cause the stomach to stop working. Reduced gastric juice as harmful as increasing. By reducing the production of gastric juice is observed inability to digest and break down food, resulting in people a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, which may cause an imbalance in the entire digestive system.

Gastroenterologists believe that the disease of the stomach often cause stress, poor diet and a complete disregard for anxiety symptoms. The most commonly manifests itself gastritis. It can be chronic and acute. Cause of gastritis becomes more food: swallowing pieces of strange and very coarse food, unwillingness to eat three times a day and eat hot (soups, broths real and natural), addicted to fast food and hot dogs. Also very bad for the stomach and love for condiments sauces, mustard, peppers delight the taste buds only, thus killing the gastric mucosa. Acute gastritis can cause the diet because of our body can not deprive him of beneficial enzymes. As a rule, the stomach immediately loses its rhythm in diets, causing an imbalance in the intestine and the entire system. Powerful provocateur gastritis are drugs to minimize the risk can only be accustomed yourself to drink any drug only after a meal. This not so much to irritate the stomach wall, together with the digestion of food aggression occurs less frequently.

Most often the first symptoms are expressed in a sudden release of acid into the throat, heartburn and nausea. Usually these symptoms alone do not pass, and eventually become a permanent and regular phenomenon.

May become a cause of gastritis infection, so the diagnosis is output based only on the full clinical picture. Gastritis can also be divided into several types, so the objective treatment prescribed specialist, based on the characteristics of the organism of patient.

But the manifestation of gastritis can trigger other diseases related bodies, such as the duodenum. At advanced stages in gastric ulcers appear, causing pain to the patient. The disease is called “gastric ulcer” and can lead to the removal of part of the stomach. Symptoms usually manifest itself for a while in the form of nausea, vomiting after eating, disturbance of acid balance. Then there is pain, most often at the time when the patient is hungry or have not had time to eat. The pain of varying intensity can sometimes occur at night. Usually passes after taking food or medicine, but this situation does not last too long, and later pain may appear chaotic. Gastric ulcer is quite amenable to healing, if the appeal was timely. If the patient has addressed belatedly, and the acid has already eat into the stomach wall, starts bleeding. Determine and decide exactly where the lesion and whether it is possible to work without surgery, can the doctor only.

In general, gastric diseases have generally positive forecasts and the development of disease can be kept under control, of course if we follow the strict guidelines and monitor their condition.

The treatment of diseases of the stomach may be conservative (therapeutic) and surgical methods. Tactics of treatment and its duration shall be determined by the attending physician.

In mild cases of diseases of the stomach – regime change, diet and lifestyle to avoid taking medication. However, most patients needed medication, use such as Generic Aciphex (Rabeprazole Sodium), Generic Asacol (Mesalamine), Generic buscopan (Butylscopolamine) and others, which you can buy online through the Internet that will cost you cheap or with good discounts.

Upon confirmation of Helicobacter pylori infection is assigned a special scheme of eradication therapy aimed at the destruction of infectious agents including antimicrobials. For the correction of movement disorders are recommended means normalizing motor activity. To protect the gastric mucosa and duodenal ulcer, so-called gastroprotective drugs. In severe autoimmune gastritis when atrophic processes in the stomach led to significant shortages of hydrochloric acid and pepsinogen, appointed replacement therapy. In the case of anemia necessarily apply the medications that increase blood hemoglobin, vitamins and other.