Spring beriberi. What diseases causes beriberi?

With the spring we usually associated joyful and pleasant expectations, but the reality is often quite different. It’s hard to enjoy life when you are overtaken by a general lethargy, drowsiness, irritability, hair becomes dull and brittle, the skin starts to peel off. All these symptoms are signs of spring beriberi.

Manifestations of spring beriberi

The main symptoms of beriberi include:

  • fatigue, drowsiness, decreased attention;
  • deterioration of the hair and nails;
  • appearance of poorly healing cracks at the corners of the mouth;
  • bleeding gums;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases.

All these symptoms do not necessarily occur simultaneously. These or other symptoms are directly dependent on what it lacks vitamin in the body.

So, redness, peeling, dermatitis, rashes, and other symptoms of beriberi in the skin most commonly associated with a lack of vitamin A and B vitamins (in particular – B2). Bleeding gums and poorly healing wounds indicate lack primarily vitamin C and – vitamin E.

The appearance of beriberi on the face and the skin can be caused by lack of vitamin D. A decrease in the number of vitamins D, E, A, B2 and PP causes increased stratification and brittle nails, and other signs of vitamin deficiency on arms.

Whereby terrible spring vitamin deficiency?

Beriberi spring – is in the first place, the lack of vitamins in the body, which has in a spring in a rather large number of people. If you choose more precise definition of the scientific, the described manifestations characteristic of vitamin deficiencies, if we speak correctly, beriberi – a complete lack of any human vitamin. Nevertheless, even in medicine called beriberi any manifestations of vitamin deficiency.

This is a very serious problem because the lack of even one vitamin can lead to very unpleasant consequences: cause metabolic disturbances, education important substances enzymes for metabolism, cause chronic diseases, problems with weight, appearance.

Lack of vitamins in the spring each year feel almost everybody, despite the fact that the year-round shelves literally littered with fruit and vegetables, and showcases pharmacies just crammed with vitamin preparations. So, what exactly needs to be done, how to fight, what vitamins to drink, how to treat beriberi, which spring diet will help to cope with it, and even better to prevent?

Treatment of spring beriberi

Treatment of spring beriberi and its prevention include some simple and well-known methods, but, unfortunately, in practice it is not always relate to them seriously. Meanwhile, it is better to prevent its occurrence, rather than fight with the consequences later.

Spring beriberi and meals – are interrelated, interdependent concepts. The most important principle in the prevention of beriberi – a balanced diet. Spring diet should contain the whole range of existing nutrients: proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

In the cold season in the first place should pay attention to your own diet and try to avoid the temptation to go mainly on pasta, meat, rice and baking. If you give up, at least, in the spring make every effort to enable the body to get enough natural nutrients, fiber and minerals. Spring diet should include cereals, but not white, seafood, fruits, vegetables and herbs, always fresh. As for fruits, in the spring should prefer frozen.

Retain more vitamins reserve home-made – jams, pickles, dried or frozen berries, fruit and vegetable juices. Of course they are less good than in freshly plucked from the garden or branches, but much better than nothing! And remember: vitamins, especially water-soluble, the human body must do every day: they simply can not save for the future!

Prevention of spring beriberi

Not to bring to the onset of symptoms, it is necessary to think in advance about how to prevent the spring beriberi. Here, to help a balanced diet with the use of those products, which contain the necessary vitamins.

Vitamin A is found in butter, Spring beriberi prevention carrots, beets.

Vitamin B1 – in cereals, dairy products.

Vitamin B2 – in the cheese, beans, buckwheat and oat groats.

Vitamin B6 – it’s chicken, beef, nuts, beans, potatoes.

Vitamin C – rosehips, apples, citrus fruits, sea buckthorn.

Vitamin complex is recommended to drink in the late winter and early spring, even in the absence of signs of spring beriberi – as prophylaxis.