prevention of swine flu

Virus H1N1 in 2016: Latest Swine Flu News

Swine flu 2016 “Swine flu” is a contagious acute infectious disease caused by pandemic influenza A (H1N1). The virus is transmitted by pigs and humans. The virus is characterized by


What if the child sickens with polio?

Polio – an acute viral infection. It is characterized by inflammation of the nasal mucosa, and intestine, where primarily the virus enters from the external environment. In some cases, and

measles in children

First signs and treatment of measles

Measles – a widespread acute infectious disease that occurs mainly in children and characterized by fever, catarrh of the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes and throat and the appearance

danger of rubella

What is the danger of rubella ?

Rubella – a contagious viral disease that is characterized by a particular season, usually in children. This diagnosis often place in the spring and summer. Such dependence is associated primarily


Chlamydia and its consequences

Chlamydial infection – is a group of diseases that occur not only in humans but also in animals. They are united by similar symptoms and mechanisms of development. In addition,


Conjunctivitis. What is it? And how to treat?

Conjunctivitis – is the process by which inflamed conjunctiva. Usually accompanied by inflammation of the eyelids. This disease may be of allergic , bacterial or viral nature. Allergic conjunctivitis manifests


Headache. Reasons and Treatment

Headaches – one of the most frequent complaints, with which patients come to the doctor-neurologist. Judging according to recent epidemiological studies, it could be argued that more than 70% of


Self-treatment of gonorrhea

Why, with gonorrhea are more likely than with other sexually transmitted diseases, people try to treat by yourself? And because the gonorrhea are not afraid, especially the male part of