VIGORA® (Sildenafil Citrate)

Drug Information: Indications, Side Effects, Warnings

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iagraIGORA® (Sildenafil Citrate)

Quite a number of men prefer to use well known pills viagra even if they do not have any problems with potency and erection. This is done to improve natural potency, to fight off some fatigue or distress influence. It is know that in many cases the reasons behind erectile dysfunction are psychological, and among them is the fear to be rejected by a partner. Interesting but more than 55% of patients with erectile dysfunction do have psychogenic triggers interrupting their sexual performance, thus many sexologists advice those men to take viagra and viagra-like generics as preventive VIGORA

Viagra was crated and is manufactured by large pharmaceutical company Pfizer, and of course its price is quite high, so not everyone can afford to buy it. For the past few years the pharmaceutical market few generics of viagra were introduced to the customers, and one of them is vigora which is meant to be used for the fast and effective natural erection restoration. Vigora is manufactured in India, and it is branded viagra generic, so its qualities and features are identical to the original drug. Vigora is produced in the form of pills with coating, and is known as blister. The needed effect can be observed in a half an hour after taking the pill, and it lasts not less than six hours.

Along with sildenafil citrate as the main active ingredient of vigora the medicine contains additional components which are:

  • Calcium hydrogenphosphate;
  • Microcrystalline cellulose;
  • Magnesium stearate;
  • Titanium dioxide;
  • Croscarmellose sodium;
  • Gypromellose;
  • Lactose;
  • Indigo carmine;
  • Aluminum lake.

Following medical condirions should be considered before taking vigora:

  • Leucamia;
  • Sickle-cell anaemia;
  • Diseases and anatomic deformities of the penis, congenital or acquired;
  • Multiple mieloma;
  • Rethinitis pigmentosa;
  • Stomach ulcer;
  • Haemophilia and other diseases causing massive bleeding.


It is strictly prohibited to use vigora at once together with any other medication meant to treat erectile dysfunction and impotency. Also you need to keep vigora in a place where small children won’t be able to reach it.

Vigora may interact with some other compounds which in turn could lead to the development of negative reactions. Vigora may enforce action of certain medications which are used to treat cardiac angina, so such patients are not allowed to take viagra-like vigora.

Also the vigora overdose is possible, that is why only prescribed dose can be take and should never be exceeded without consultation. The common recommendation does not advice to take more than one standard vigora tablet a day.

Dosage and how to take vigora

To identify the optimal dosage of vigora there is no other way than to seek professional consultation from qualified doctor. The most common dosage for the most of the men is 50 mg, but in presence of individual allergic reactions or high level of sensitivity towards any of the vigora components the dosage can be decreased to 25 mg. In case of slow response to the treatment, it is opposite, the dose can be increased up to 100 mg.

It is recommended to take vigora approximately half an hour before the planned sexual activity, it is better to take it together with some pure water without chewing the tablet. The patient also must remember that vigora will not bring erection if there is no natural sexual arousal presented. The absense of erotic stimulation even viagra generic vigora is not able to make a patient reach stable good erection.

The visible effect of vigora may be expected in approximately 30 minutes after taking the pill, but it is individual – some men may reach erection faster, some men may have a bit delayed reaching of erection. Although it is allowed to take the tablet together with some food, it would be good to remember that excessive food intake may delay the effect of viagra-like generic.

Adverse side effects of vigora

As we all know, most of the known medications have so called side effects which have negative influence on the patient’s health. Sad to say but generic Vigora does have such adverse side effects, too. But fortunately for the patients all side effects of vigora do not last long, moreover, they are definitely not severe. The most known side effects are headache and so called hot flashes, or increase in blood inflow to the face. Among rare but still possible adverse effects are problems with gastro-intestinal tract, rhinitis, vision impairment and dizziness along with nausea. Once any of the side effects are developed the patient should stop taking vigora immediately, and then visit a qualified specialist for the consultation.

Attention: Vigora may interact with nitrates found in some drugs that can be bought with prescription in the pharmacies, for example, nitroglycerin; such interaction may lead to fall of blood pressure to critical level. Since men with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level or cardiac diseases often take nitrates medications, then it is highly not recommended for them to take any medicine meant to treat erectile dysfunction. As well, it is quite dangerous to take vigora together with grapefruit juice.

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