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The pharmaceutical market offers a new branded medication known as suhagra, o suhagra 100. It is manufactured by well know Indian pharmaceutical company Cipla Limited, which was founded back in 1937. The company head office is located in Mumbai, and this manufacture possesses all needed approvals from various international health organizations, including American FDA. Cipla’s products are allowed to be sold in more than 180 countries worldwide.

Suhagra 100 is identical copy, or generic, of well known Viagra that was developed fpr erectile dysfunction treatment. Suhagra’s quality, efficacy, dosage and other aspects of usage are absolutely identical to Viagra. Patients may buy suhagra at pharmacies – offline and online, as well as it can be prescribed and received at doctor’s office. Suhagra is produced in the form of round pills with clearly visible dividing line, its shelf life lasts three years. The main ingredient of this particular drug is sildenafil citrate 100 mg.

Side effects may include short-term blur vision, headache, dyspepsia, problems with gastro-intestinal tract, diarrhea, symptomatic running nose, lower back ache, individual sensitivity and allergy to the suhagra components.

How to take suhagra

The best time to take suhagra orally is 30-90 minutes before planned sexual contact, since the effect of medicine lasts approximately three-four hours;

Each suhagra dose should be taken together with a pure water (half or full glass);

This drug can be taken only once a day, and the maximum dose should not exceed 100 mg which is equivalent to one original suhagra tablet.


  1. Do not take suhagra 100 together with known drugs against chest pain like nitroglycerin and alike;
  2. Some patient may experience short-term vision impairment, which is linked to increased blood outflow from vision nerve. Also people with cardiac pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, smokers, and those older than 50 years are all having this risk;
  3. It is forbidden to take suhagra along with other medication made to treat erectile dysfunction like Yohimbe or CaverJet;
  4. Be awared about some possible adverse side effects including headache, blur vision blood inflow to face, running nose, back ache etc;
  5. Taking suhagra 100 together with even small amount of alcohol may trigger the enforcement of certain side effects;
  6. In case of any doubt the patient should consult with doctor, and the initial dosage should not exceed one half or even one forth of original suhagra dosage.

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