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Silvitra, or also known as silvitra 120, or silvitra 120 mg, is just another medicine made to help some guys to improve their sexual life and get satisfying erection. Silvitra has not one but rather two active ingredients, and they are sildenafil 100 mg and wardanafil 20 mg. According to the information provided by its manufacturere this medication is safe and has less adverse side effects. The manufacturing pharmaceutical company is located in India. The best time to take the pills orally is 20-25 minutes before engagement in sexual intercourse. Although alcohol is allowed to be taken together with silvitra, however, it is still not recommended, or at least it should be very small amount of alcohol.

It has been long time since people started to conduct regular studies and use the latest chemical innovations to develop a medicine to improve, to support, and to enforce male potency. The main purpose of such drugs is to trigger and to fix for a possibly longest period strong erection. Thus, the silvitra was created.

Pharmaceutical action of silvitra

Each silvitra tablet contains 100 mg of sildenafil and 20 mg of wardenafil. Regardless the initial reason of impotency sildenafil is able to help full satisfying sexual arousal. Wardenafil possesses a chemical features that allow it to be absorbed very fast and its rapid spreading in the human organism.

Indications regarding silvitra use

This medicine is usually prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction and to improve the quality of sexual life. Thanks to two active ingredients which enforce the inward blood flow to penis, silvitra pills helps to solve specific male problems, which can be triggered by some kind of psychologic factors, stresses, and tiredness, impairment of endocrine system functioning, and vascular dise3ases.

How to take silvitra

According to the instruction, the patient is not allowed to take more than one tablet of silvitra per day which is equivalent to 120 mg silvitra. It is strongly recommended that the silvitra pills should be taking without any food intake and before the planned sexual intercourse. The effect of medication lasts in average 24 hours, but can last up to 30 hours if patient do not overuse fatty food and alcohol.

Contradictions for silvitra use include:

  • Stomach cancer;
  • Other cancers;
  • Allergies to any of silvitra components;
  • Cardiac diseases;
  • Chronin gastro-intestinal diseases;
  • Deformations of reproductive system.

The most common side effects include following:

  • Migraine;
  • Dizziness;
  • Diahrrea;
  • Running nose.

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