Deltasone Uses and effect

Active Ingredient: Prednisone

Pharmachologic effect Deltasone :

Deltasone is a synthetic analogue allocated by the adrenal cortex hormones of the cortisone and hydrocortisone. The drug has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antiexudative, antishock, anti-toxic effect.



Anti-inflammatory effect of Deltasone is achieved mainly involving cytosolic glucocorticosteroid receptor. The antiproliferative effect of Deltasone is associated with inhibition of the synthesis of nucleic acids (primarily DNA) in cells of the basal layer of the epidermis and dermis fibroblasts. Antiallergic effect of the drug caused a decrease in the number of basophils, a direct inhibition of the synthesis and secretion of biologically active substances.


  • urticaria and angioneurotic edema;
  • hay fever;
  • atopic dermatitis;
  • eczema;
  • allergic blepharitis, conjunctivitis;
  • pin, atypical dermatitis;
  • serum sickness;
  • seasonal, perennial allergic rhinitis.

Mode of application:

The dose is determined individually. In acute conditions, and as a introductory doses usually applied 20-30 mg per day (4-6 tablets). The maintenance dose is 5-10 mg per day (1-2 tablets). In some diseases (nephrosis – kidneys disease, some rheumatic diseases) administered in higher doses. Treatment stopped slowly, gradually reducing the dose. If in the history, there are indications of psychosis, in high doses prescribed under strict medical supervision. The dosage for children is usually 1-2 mg per kg of body weight per day in 4-6 doses. In the appointment of Deltasone daily should be considered secretory rhythm (rhythm releasing hormone of the adrenal cortex) in the morning prescribe large doses, in the afternoon – the average, in the evening – small.

In other indications Deltasone administered in a dose of 30-45 mg intravenously slowly. If intravenous infusion is difficult, the drug may be administered deep into the muscle. By indications Deltasone is administered repeatedly at a dose of 30-60 mg, intravenously or intramuscularly. After the removal of acute condition prescribed oral tablets, gradually reducing the dose. In children this drug applied at the rate of: aged 2-12 months – 2-3 mg / kg; 1-14 years – 1-2 mg / kg by slow intravenous injection (during 3 min). If necessary, the preparation can be re-entered after 20-30 min.

Side effects Deltasone :

In prolonged use may be obesity, hirsutism (excessive hairiness in women, manifesting an increase beard, mustache, and so on.), Acne, menstrual disorders, osteoporosis, Cushing syndrome (obesity, accompanied by a decrease in sexual function, increased bone fragility due enhanced allocation of adrenocorticotropic hormone of the pituitary gland), ulceration of the digestive tract, perforation unrecognized ulcers (occurrence through the defect walls of the stomach or intestine in place ulcers), hemorrhagic pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas, occurring with a hemorrhage in her body), hyperglycemia (increased blood sugar) , decreased resistance to infections, increased blood clotting, mental disorders. Upon termination of treatment, especially long, you may experience withdrawal symptoms (sudden worsening of the patient’s condition after discontinuation of the drug), adrenal insufficiency, acute illness, about which prescribed Deltasone.


  • individual hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • during the vaccination;
  • Tuberculosis (active phase);
  • viral infection;
  • generalized fungal infections;
  • herpetic disease;
  • exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease;
  • diabetes mellitus (DM);
  • renal insufficiency;
  • severe form of hypertension;
  • propensity to thromboembolism;
  • glaucoma;
  • pituitary – Cushing;
  • pregnancy and others.


Reports of acute toxic effects or death if an overdose of glucocorticoids are rare. In cases of overdose there is no specific antidotes. Symptomatic therapy.

Product form:

Tablets containing 0.001; 0.005; 0.02 or 0.05 g of Deltasone in a package of 100 pieces. Ampoules 25 and 30 mg in 1 ml of a package of three pieces. The vials with 1 ml of a suspension for injection containing Deltasone 25 or 50 mg, in multiples of 5, 10, 50, 100 and 1,000. 0.5% ointment in tubes of 10 g. 0.5% ophthalmic suspension of a package of 10 ml.

Storage conditions:

In the dark spot. Conditions of supply – is by prescription.

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