Antidepressnt Tofranil: Dosage, Side effects, Indications for use

Antidepressnt Tofranil

Antidepressnt Tofranil is chosen by doctors to help patient suffering bed-wetting or having problems with attention. It is also prescribed in cases of bulimia. This type of medications influences the level of chemicals that are in the brain.

Antidepressnt Tofranil

Antidepressnt Tofranil

Brand(s): Tofranil/ imipramine/ Tofranil-PM – more common. Others are Depramine, Melipramin, Ethipramine, Venefon, Antidep, Impri, Mepramin, Antideprin, Depranil, lPinor, Novopramine, Deprinol, Pryleugan, Depsonil, Imidol Tolerade Imipramin Tofranil Imipramina, Imiprex, Janimine, Melipramine, Norfranil, Primonil, Talpramin, Imavate.

Manufacturer: Alphapharm/Mallinckrodt, Inc.

Clinico-pharmacological group: Antidepressant (tricyclic).

Composition, structure and packing: round orangish tablet with an M in square printed on one of its side and number “25” on another one.

Basic ingredient: Imipramine

Other ingredients: titanium dioxide, povidone, Calcium phosphate, sodium starch glycolate, iron oxides, cellulose compounds talc, magnesium stearate, docusate sodium, sucrose, polyethylene glycolThe composition of the coating film: a sugar coated.


The exact amount of the medicine a patient can know only seeing your doctor who will estimate his/her condition and prescribe sufficient amount of it. A patient should take it orally with water. The intake does not require eating before the usage of the medicine. The number of daily intakes may vary from 1 to 4 times. Patients having drowsiness during daytime are recommended to use the medicine (the whole daily amount) only once before going to bed.

For a child a dose is counted according to weight his/her body. The common procedure that doctors use to low the risk of patient’s suffering side effects is to start with the minimum dose and make it increase step by step.

For a child who wets the bed the intake of the medicine before going to bed is preferable. In situations when a kid has this problem in the beginning of the night, parents may divide the dose into two times intake (during daytime and before bedtime).

The most advantage is got from the medication when a patient gets it in periods and doses that a doctor has prescribed and follows his instructions till the end of the therapy. A patient should not wait the significant influence of the drug on the first or second day. Sometimes about 3 weeks passed before a patient experiences significant difference.

To make the treatment safe for him/her a patient should not cease taking the remedy. The dose should be lessened step by step to minimize worsening of patient’s health condition. The therapy may be changed during a long period of treatment so regular visits to a doctor are required.


If a patient took more than necessary medication dose, he/she might have severe dizziness, fainting, seizures. These symptoms may be amplified with hallucinations and irregular heartbeat (or it may be fast). In such situations he should seek medical care.

Side effects

One of the typical health problems that this remedy causes is dry mouth. Moreover, common effects are headache, feeling weak, nausea, diarrhea or constipation, vomiting. A patient may feel dizzy or drowsy, lose appetite, lose or gain wait. His/her vision may become blurred and sweating may increase. Cramps in the stomach may occur.

Women may experience enlarging of breasts or pain in them, production of breast milk that is unusual for them. Menstrual periods may change too (become painful or irregular). Muscles may be felt as stiff, hand and feet – numb or tingling. Some patients may have tremors, sexual problems, pain in arms and legs or redness and swelling of them.

The doctor that has chosen this therapy for a patient should be aware of all changes in his/her health condition (even changes in mood or mental changes) and showing up of side effects.

The medicine may also influence skin (yellowing), eyes (yellowing), stomach and abdomen (pain), urinary bladder (dark color of urine, difficulties during urinating), blood circulation system (the process of getting bruises or bleedings may become easier). Sometimes symptoms of infection, such as fever or sore throat, occur.

Indications for use

enuresis (in children), depression.

Sometimes it can be prescribed for those who have chronic pains. In this therapy the combination of this remedy and medications that also treat pain is applied.


The usage of Tofranil is forbidden for highly allergic individuals (especially to dibenzazepine and components of the medication).

Simultaneous usage of medications with monoamine oxidase inhibiting compounds cannot take place. Otherwise a patient may suffer high temperature crises (hyperpyretic) or have seizures (serious convulsive ones).

People who are recovering after heart diseases (myocardial infarction) cannot use the drug.

Patients should be examined for eye problems, psychological ones, suicide risks during this therapy. Nursing mothers and pregnant women ought to be careful with using the remedy. It is better not to drive during the therapy.

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