Tetracycline: very popular antibiotic

Tetracycline antibiotics

Tetracycline antibiotics are very popular choice that doctor make for treating infections. One of them is Minocin. Generally, it is used to fight with infections of urogenital system. It stops the development of bacteria and wipes them out.

Tetracycline antibiotics

Tetracycline antibiotics

Brand(s): Arnocin, Dynacin, Minoz, Divaine, Minocyclin, Nimolin, Solodyn, Nidcyclin, Minolox, Cnn, Minolin, Minostar DT

Manufacturer: Articon Labs, Cipla Limited, IPCA LaboratoriesLtd, Ochoa Laboratories (P) Ltd, Gratia (Micro Labs Ltd), Nidus Pharma Pvt Ltd, Chemo Biological, Croslands (Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd).

Clinico-pharmacological group: Tetracycline antibiotics.

Composition, structure and packing: orange round tablet.

Basic ingredient: Minocycline.

Other ingredients: magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide. Another two components are lactose monohydrate, crospovidone. Two more ingredients are polyethylene glycol 6000, silicified microcrystalline cellulose. A pill also consists of colloidal silicon dioxide, iron oxide yellow, stearic acid, hypromellose.


Following the prescribed instructions is compulsory. Apply the particular amount of the remedy which is advised by your physician for your disease.

A tablet ought to be swallowed without chewing it. Drink a glass of water (full one). Do not lie whilst taking the remedy.

A daily dose for adult patients who have general infection is 200 mg. It ought to be divided in separate intakes. To treat acne 50 mg tablet is used two times a day. The duration of this therapy is about 6 weeks. Those who suffer gonorrhea should be treated by 200 mg pills for the first intake and then by 100 mg 2 times a day. This treatment takes 4 days minimum. To prevent meningitis patients are prescribed 100 mg pills that are taken two times a day. Preventive measures are continuing for 5 days.

Children, that are 12 already, use 50 mg pills every 12 hours.

Younger kids ought not to take this medicine as it may be the reason of tooth discoloration and problems with tooth enamel.

Lower dose is recommended to patients with kidney problems.


If you exceed the prescribed quantity of pills call to a hospital that is near to your location. Feeling sick and dizzy might be experienced in this situation.

Side effects

There is possible experience of such symptoms as:

  • Problems with stomach and intestines – black, tarry stools, blood in it, diarrhea, lack of appetite
  • Problems with heart – fast heartbeat.
  • Problems with urogenital system – urine with blood.
  • Problems with vision – double or blurred, pain in eyes.

Problems with skin – hives, blistering or its peeling and loosening, itching, rash, lesions of a red color. Skin as well as eyes may turn its color into yellow one

A patient may suffer pain in chest (that may be go on into the arm/shoulder/neck), in stomach/ muscles/ joints/ head/ abdomen.

Other effects are weakness (or tiredness), lightheadedness, swelling of various parts of organism, nausea, confusion, vomiting, dizziness. The breathing may become troubled, bleeding and bruising – unusual. Lips or mouth may have sores or spots. Infant skull may bulge.

Next group of side effects consists of disorders that may disappear after organism adjusting to the medicine. These disorders are: noise in the ears or loss of hearing, troubled moving, hives, stiff muscles, sleepiness, red skin, welts, drowsiness, indigestion, sunburn. Some side effects occur very rarely. These symptoms are bloating, increased reaction to the light, tooth may lose their color.

Having inflammation of intestines/ tongue/ mouth/ female genitals (with itching) as well as stomach upset pain during urinating means that the bacteria are resistant to tetracyclines.

Indications for use

This remedy is suitable for therapy of acne, bacterial infections, meningitis (meningococcal), infection of skin & tissue, actinomycosis.

Children may be treated to help to overcome acne and bacterial infections too.


If a doctor knows that a patient is sensitive to tetracyclines he/she must not prescribe the remedy.

The therapy ought to be done under especial control of a physician if a patient takes other remedies. It is not advised to treat a patient with this medication during the intake of penicillins, retinoids, oral contraceptives, ergotamine, drugs dangerous for the liver, ACE inhibitors, anticoagulants, kaolin, antacids with aluminium, iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium salts components, ergometrine, sucralfate salts, diuretics, bismuth salts.

Special therapy ought to choose for patients with liver and kidney disorders.

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