Tegopen: antibiotic to treatment of different types of bacteria

Tegopen is an antibiotic, the class of penicillin. It is applied to treatment of different types of bacteria. Tegopen can be prescribed as cloxacillin.

Before all infection passes, Tegopen can cause small simplification. Therefore, it is impossible to stop using medicine before the finish of a course of treating. At premature phase-out of medicine developing of the infections permanent to an antibiotic is possible. In case of such infections as cold or flu drug is inefficient.

It is necessary to swallow of a tablet of drug entirely, not chewing or breaking.

This medicine reduces action of contraceptive tablets. During use of medicine it is necessary to use not hormonal methods of contraception as a vaginal diaphragm, condoms, etc.



Brand(s): Cloxapen, Tegopen

Manufacturer: Generic

Clinico-pharmacological group: Antibiotic from group of semi-synthetic Penicillinums. Works bactericidal (destroys bacteria). It is active concerning Gram-positive (including, concerning the staphilococcus producing a penicillinase) and Gram-negative coccuses (a meningokokk and a gonokokk), a diphtheritic rod, clostridiums, a rod of a malignant anthrax. It is steady in acidic medium, it is steady against action of a penicillinase (enzyme, blasting Penicillinums).

Composition, structure and packing: 1 bottle with powder for preparation of injection solution contains a cloxacillin of sodium 250 or 500 of mg complete with water for injections, in packing of 10 and 100 pieces.

Basic ingredient: cloxacillin

Other ingredients: none

The composition of the coating film: Powder for injections in bottles on 10 and 100 pieces in packing.


Before appointment of medicine it is desirable to determine the level of sensitivity of a microflora of the patient which caused illness. Prescribe the adult on 0,5 g 4 times per day. Children are 2-10 years old – on 0,25 g 4 times per day; till 2 years – on 0,125 g 4 times per day. The drug is injected intramuscularly. At serious forms of infectious diseases, the dose of a preparation can be enlarged.


overdose is possible only at patients with the weakened kidney function as patients with normal kidneys allocate penicillins on fast level. There is no certain recommended treatment. It is recommended to carry out general measures on support or symptomatic therapy which is carried out in all cases of an allergy for patients with serious allergic reactions. Symptoms of overdose may include: severe vomiting, persistent diarrhea.

Side effects

At medicine use if there is one of below the listed serious side effects, then it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.

Dermal eruption, itch, nausea, heartburn, diarrhea (diarrhea), anaphylactic (allergic) shock.

The dyspnea, tumor in a face, a throat, labiums or tongue, an eruption can be symptoms of an allergy.

Indications for use: Treating of the bacterial infections caused by microorganisms, sensitive to a preparation, including infections of a skin and soft tissues: abscess (abscess), an anthrax (the acute diffuse is purulent – a necrotic inflammation of several nearby sebaceous glands and hair bulbs), a furunculosis (a multiple purulent inflammation of a skin); contaminated wounds, combustions; infectious diseases of ENT organs: a sinusitis (an inflammation the paranasal of sinuses), an otitis (an ear cavity inflammation), pharyngitis (a pharynx inflammation), an angina, paratonsillar abscess (the abscess which is settling down in the tissues surrounding a palatine tonsil / “tonsils”/); infectious diseases of respiratory organs: pneumonia, lung abscess, a pleura empyema (a pus clump between covers of lungs); infections of urinary organs. Enteritis (inflammation of a small bowel); meningitis (inflammation of covers of a brain); endocarditis (inflammatory disease of internal cavities of heart); sepsis (blood poisoning microbes from the center of a purulent inflammation). Prophylaxis of infectious complications at transplantation of a dermal flap.


It isn’t necessary to use the medicine if you have an allergy to its any components. In case you have a case history of a disease of kidneys then, you have to tell the doctor before to begin treatment.Report to the doctor about all types of grass additions, vitamins, and the medicine which is released according to the prescription or the medicine sold without prescription that you can take before starting treatment of the medicine. The medicine is used under special medical observation. Pregnant women and nursing mothers can use the medicine only according to the prescription of the doctor. The medicine needs to be stored in the cool and dry place. You hold it out of reach of children and pets. Have no medicine in sewage or house garbage.

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