Furacin: kill microorganisms and bacteria and stops their growth is applied


Infections can be treated with different drugs. For skin care medication Furacin that kill microorganisms and bacteria and stops their growth is applied. For example, a patient can cure infected burn burns, skin grafts. Although the medicine is able to destroy bacteria, viruses cannot be fought by it.



Brand(s): Furacin/Nitrofurazone/ Doldercyn/Furazone/ Furacillin/ Furazoline/ Germax/ Furaseptic/ Furatop.

Manufacturer: Universal Twin Labs, Vipro, Janssen, Progressive Laboratories, Sharex Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd, Lisko Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, Islamabad Pharmaceutical Products, Zafa Pharmaceutical Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd, Pharmawise Labs. (Pvt) Ltd, Hizat Pharmaceutical Industries (Pvt) Ltd.

Clinico-pharmacological group: Antibiotics.

Composition, structure and packing: ointment.

Basic ingredient: Nitrofurazone.


The ointment is applied directly on area that needs to be cured. In some cases, gauze is covered with the ointment and applied to a problem zone. The amount of ointment and frequency of its usage depends on the malady that a patient has. A doctor can tell a patient precise amount of the remedy that a patient should use according to his/her disease.

In case of missed dose apply the ointment when you remember about it. But do not have two applications at once or when too little time remains before next usage.

If the ointment does not have necessary impact on your problem area or make it worse, tell it to your health care specialist.


If you applied excessive amount of the medication and feel that your health condition or wound worsens go to the doctor and tell him/her about it.

Side effects

As the application of the medicine is topical harm to internals or inner systems of a body is not possible. However, some undesirable effects may be experienced during the therapy. A patient should consult his/her physician if he/she has rash, some body parts are swelling and the skin is itching.

Indications for use

This ointment is suitable for treating bacterial infections. Application of it is also possible for infections of skin or healing wounds. Injuries like ulcers is one more indication for this ointment usage. When a patient has burns, doctors prescribe this remedy too. Sometimes such ENT disease as otitis media can be treated by it.


Before starting to use this ointment a patient ought to know possible risks, weigh it and decide whether he/she wants to begin this therapy.

The first contraindication of this medicine as for any medication is allergy to its components – nitrofurazone or some other medicines. Your doctor ought to be cognizant about other allergies you have (food, animals and so on).

Usage of this remedy by a child patient should be controlled by a doctor because the side effects that can be experienced by children are unknown. The same situation happens to older people. They do not take part in tests.

The best thing is if you do not use different medications together. But sometime it is unavoidable and undesirable interactions of them might happen. If it occurs with Furacin, your physician may change the usage of the ointment (dose or frequency or other measures). To avoid unwanted interactions that can lead to unknown after-effects provide your doctor all information about minerals, medicines or vitamins you use.

Be careful with alcohol or unusual food during the therapy as they may cause some unpleasant interactions or worsening of your health condition.

Your health care specialist needs to know about disorders you have. In this case he/she will be able to prescribe you safe therapy and secure you against possible complications of your chronic diseases. Special attention to this question should be paid by patients with kidney problems. As the medication has components that may cause difficulty with their eliminating from the organism of a patient with kidney disorders, he/she ought to be consulted and examined by a doctor before using the remedy. During therapy regular examination and control are required.

Where to buy?

A patient can easily purchase the ointment in any drugstore that he/she chooses. It is available without prescription. If you are not satisfied with prices that a drugstore has on medications, you are welcome to our online shop. In our online store you may buy it on a lower price and be sure of the good quality of the remedy.

Make the therapy powerful enough by storing the remedy in a correct way: in a container that is closed, the temperature should not be too high or low and it is better to prevent light penetrating to a container. Prevent free children access to the medication. Check the date printed on a pack or a tube. Alkaline things should be far away from this medicine.