Antibiotic Keftab

Antibiotic Keftab

Antibiotic Keftab is appropriate drug to counteract various types of bacteria. It kills them and make the growth of its population in a human body impossible. Its usage can be find in treatment of multifarious infections: from sore throat to acute prostatitis. It absorbs well in GT.



Brand(s): Cephalexin/ Cefadina/ Keflex/ Keflin/ Keftab/ Biocef/ Ospexin/ Cefalessina/ Oracef/ Ceporex/ Ceporexin/ Ibilex/ Phexin/ Keforal/ Oriphex.

Manufacturer: Eli Lilly, Biovail Pharmaceuticals Inc., Glaxo Smithkline.

Clinico-pharmacological group: cephalosporin antibiotic

Composition, structure and packing: The medication can be found in tablets containing 125/250/ 375/500/750 mg. It is an oval pill of a green color. It has an imprinted sign “KEFTAB 250” on one of its side. It is also available in capsules and suspension form.

Ingredient: Cephalexin


As the medication can affect wide spectrum of bacteria the dose of the medicine can differ. It depends on the malady that a patient need to eliminate. The most popular prescription is 250-500 mg two-four times a day. But the dosage can be lower or higher this mark. Maximum intake is four times a day. It can be used orally during meals or without any food.

The aim of the therapy is to get rid of infection and its causative agent. So a patient has to follow doctor’s instructions and taking the medication till the moment when the therapy is completed and the infection is cleared up. The treatment should be continued even if a patient feels better and seems that he does not suffer the malady anymore.

If the intake of one dose is missed, skip its intake and do not try to compensate it. Taking two doses simultaneously is forbidden.

Consult your doctor to choose the exact scheme of treatment and usage of the medicine.

To make the treatment safety follow the storage instructions of Keftab. The temperature of storing is 77 (25) degrees F (C). It is permitted to store it at 59-86 (15-30) degrees F (C) if it is not stored in such conditions too long. Light, heat should be avoided. It is compulsory defend the medication from moisture.


Particular symptoms of Keftab overdose were not fixed. If you think that the concentration of this medication in your blood is too high and your health condition is changing, ask for doctor’s consultation immediately.

Side effects

One of the most common side effect of almost all antibiotics is diarrhea. The same is true for Keftab as well as upset stomach and vomiting.

Many patients are not suffering severe side effects during Keftab therapy. Rarely headache, fever, chills and dizziness were registered. Sometimes patients’ skin may alter: it may blister, peel, have a rash, lesions of a red color (often they have purple center), it may itch. Also rare side effects are pain in stomach, joints, muscles and abdomen.

The medication may have an impact on intestine and stomach health condition. So stool is able to change its color to clay-colored or light-colored. Moreover, a patient may lose appetite, have vomitus containing blood.

Some general worsening of state of health may be felt such as general tiredness and weakness, red, irritated eyes, unpleasant breath odor. Cough, dark urine, sore throat, yellow eyes or skin are also symptoms that may be experienced during Keftab therapy. In the mouth or lips ulcers and spots may appear.

Indications for use

This remedy are supposed to cure a patient from infections of respiratory tracts; otitis media, infections of skin, skin structure, bones, genitourinary tract, including acute prostatitis.


If penicillin or any cephalosporin antibiotic causes patient’s allergic reaction or if he has hypersensitivity to such medications, Keftab is contradicted. This medicine may be used but with cautiousness and under doctor’s strict control by patients who suffer chronic renal insufficiency, malnutrition, colitis and patients with diabetes.

The effect that the medication has on pregnant women and breastfeeding process has not studied well yet. So these patients should be careful using the remedy.

The health care specialist who prescribes Keftab get all information about previous diseases or chronic ones that a patient has. It is compulsory for therapy safety especially if a person has/had diseases of intestine and stomach and allergic reactions on some remedies or/and food.

Patients with kidney disorders ought to be attentive taking the drug, a reduced dose might be necessary. Diabetics ought to check sugar in their urine on regular basis while taking Keftab.

Using Warfarin, metformin or probenecid should be controlled while treating with Keftab. Inform your doctor if you use these medicines. Furthermore, give all information about other medications you are prescribed to avoid bad effects of their interaction with Keftab.

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