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What is the Together Rx Access® Card?

  • A FREE prescription savings program for eligible
    individuals and families who lack prescription drug
    coverage and are not eligible for Medicare
  • Most cardholders save 25 to 40 percent* on brand-name
    prescription products. Savings are also available on a wide
    range of generics. Medicines in the
    Program include those
    used to treat asthma, chronic
    pain, fibromyalgia, diabetes,
    depression, high
    cholesterol, and many other common
    conditions. The
    Together Rx Access Card is free to get
    and free to use.
  • Instant savings, right at the pharmacy counter

How does someone qualify for the Card?

Individuals and families who meet all of the following
requirements are eligible:

  • No prescription drug coverage of any kind
  • Not eligible for Medicare
  • Household income limits† (example: not more than
    $45,000 for a single person, or $90,000 for a family of

* Each cardholder’s savings depend on such factors as the particular drug purchased, amount purchased, and the pharmacy where
purchased. Participating companies independently set the level of savings offered and the products included in the Program. Those
decisions are subject to change.

† Please call Together Rx Access at 1-800-250-2839 for more details.