Improvement of the body with the right food

Modern ecology deteriorate our health and many people are concerned about healthy eating, try to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat vitamin supplements. Today a lot of talk about so-called dietary supplements preparations, someone takes them, one rejects, while others treat doubtful. So, what is it and why do we need dietary supplements ?

Whether dietary supplements is benefit or harm impossible to say, as today there are more than 6000 kinds of additives having their mission . Also in the market there are many non-certified products, which just might be harmful to the human body. Certified dietary supplements pass not only laboratory tests, but are conducted clinical trials , and just on volunteers, not on animals. Would the person be willing to take an unknown drug, do not knowing what effect expect? Of course not!

Dietary supplements as assistants

Impetuous 21 century makes to be in constant activity, otherwise you will achieve nothing, you will not reach, you will not earn. A result of this way of life is not only well-being, but also chronic fatigue, lack of energy, apathy, stress and many diseases. Here and come to the aid of dietary supplements that compensate for the lack of power at the expense of vitamins and minerals.

In fact, dietary supplements – a preventive medication for chronic diseases. In the developed Japan, about 80% of people take supplements, and today it is considered the nation which is not ailing.


Difference and similarity of dietary supplements from drugs

On the packaging of dietary supplement there is no Latin name, and there is labeled “not a drug.”

  • Medications and supplements can cause pharmacological effects
  • In part of additives there are natural components, but in medicaments they are lower
  • Receiving regulated and those and others

Often, supplements take relatively healthy people, but medicines – ill people. There is no clear chemical formulas in supplements and their components are not technological overtime. Medicines recognized to treat, dietary supplements – the source of the missing components and affect the whole body, while the medication guide the action only to a single body.

Medications have more side effects than additive. From taking medication the results are quickly and often short-term, the action of dietary supplements slower, but long.

In certified dietary supplements absence the fillers, which may cause allergic reactions. Intolerance of any drug present in the composition can cause side effects, so if there are allergic reactions to herbal natural ingredients, you need to know about it and carefully read the composition of the component.

The classification of dietary supplements

All additives are divided into three main groups – it eubiotics, nutraceuticals, parapharmaceuticals.

Nutraceuticals are used when the organism is lacking in nutrients and in turn are divided into subgroups:

  • Functional food
  • At deficiency of essential substances and increase immunity
  • To normalize the metabolism and excretion of xenobiotics

Parapharmaceuticals help normalize the functioning of internal organs and systems. As part are trace elements, vitamins and amino acids, bee products, medicinal extracts:

  • Have a vegetable origin
  • Animal origin
  • Bee Products
  • Products of Synthesis

Eubiotics – a bacterial additives help regulate the microflora of the mouth, intestine, vagina.

Dietary supplements in nature of use

Supplements – protectors help to normalize the functioning of the nervous system, eliminate stress. Additives are highly composed and have vitamins and plant extracts: ginseng, tutsan.

Cardioprotectors – are the prevention of cardiovascular disease. As part of valerian extract, hawthorn, Viburnum and vitamins.

Onkoprotektor – used as a preventive measure against cancer. Also used in the treatment of the complex.

Geroprotectors – strengthen the general condition, inhibit the aging process and help prevent age-related diseases. Detoxicants – common drug among residents of large cities and living in unfavorable environmental conditions.

Immunomodulators – enhance immunity and prevent diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis.

Allergens Protectors – help to cope with different types of allergies that are caused by modern chemical and natural substances.

Digestive – are used as additives, since most of the globe suffer from diseases of the digestive tract and the reason for this poor quality food and water.

Acceptance of dietary supplements must be agreed with the doctor, especially if there is any chronic disease. The attending physician will be able to advise which supplements you need for treatment and prevention.

Supplements are necessary for our body, because all we are constantly experiencing micronutrient deficiency, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, essential fatty acids. All this is happening as a result of the fact that the food we eat – digested, overcooked, contains no preservatives and others harmful inclusions. And also because we are completely stopped drinking water.

You should not be afraid of dietary supplements, just need to pay careful attention to the one who distributes them, who gives tips on their use. Learn more about the company that produces and distributes these products.

Health to you and your children!