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Drug Information: Indications, Side Effects, Warnings

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What is Levitra

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The levitra pills are the medicine that belongs to a group for treatment of erectile dysfunctions with vardenafil as main working ingredient.This active component possesses a selective action towards PDE-5, which plays key role in the physiological mechanism of male erection. Vardenafil suppresses the PDE-5 leads to an increase of the levels of cyclic guanosine monophosphate, relaxation of the unstriated muscular tissue of the blood vessels, and as a result to an increased blood inflow towards penis tissues. According to levitra reviews, its effect can be developed only in presence of sexual stimulation which is required for the release of nitrogen oxide from the nerves ends of cavernous bodies; and this in turn triggers the reaction of rising level of guanosine monophosphate (cyclic form). Thanks to the high level of vardenafil selective action in regard of PDE-5 original and generic levitra does not have impact on organs and systems, which functions are being regulated by other kinds of PDE.

After specified levitra dosage has been taken orally    the peak of plasma concentration of vardenafil can be observed in 45-90 minutes, or in 30-120 minutes. The half-live of levitra main ingredient varies from four to six hours; its excretion is mainly done through intestine and partly by kidneys.

There is some possibility of some alterations of pharmaceutical kinetic profile of vardenafil among elderly patients and patients with reduced kidney and liver functions. However, such alterations are not significant, hence, no need to correct the initially prescribed dosage.

Indications for the levitra

Canada Levitra 10 mg and levitra 20 mg are usually prescribed to treat patients with any kind of erectile dysfunction which means inability to reach and support erection needed to have sexual intercourse.

How does levitra work?

It should be noted that levitra 20 mg is meant for the oral intake only. One may ask – does levitra uk work with food, or what about levitra and alcohol? Is it possible to take it with both? According to known recommendations, levitra pills can be taken as with food as without it. How to take levitra? The most common recommendation is to hold a pill under the tongue until it will be fully dissolved. It is also needed to be remembered that the blister levitra generic pill should be taken from the pack only before intake, don’t keep the blister pack open for a long time. To reach desired therapeutic effect of the drug levitra should be taken in about 25-60 minutes before the planned sexual activity. Nonetheless, it is also allowed to take medicine from four to six hours before the sexual intercourse, but in both cases the patient should remember that therapeutic effect for the vardenafil can be reached only with natural sexual stimulation. Levitra dosage is defined only by a qualified specialist, the common prescription is one pill, and exactly one tablet is also a maximum daily dose. Levitra pills with coating are recommended to be taken with a glass of water with or without food.

Usually the initial dose contains 10 mg of vardenafile, that is why the pills may be referred as levitra 10 mg, too. Depending on effectiveness and drug tolerance the one time levitra samples could be increased up to 25 mg or, as opposite, could be decreased to 5 mg. The daily dose of the drug should not be taken more than once a day. Also the initial dose of levitra should not exceed 5 mg for the patients with decreased kidneys and liver functions.

Levitra side effects

  • In the fighting ring cialis vs levitra, the latter may have additional points due the fact that levitra pills are usually are well tolerated by patients. Few cases were reported though regarding development of unwanted side effects among patients using vardenafil. In particular, clinical and post-marketing studies have showing following levitra side effects:
    Nerve system: convulsions, sleep deprivation, dizziness, parasthesia, memory impairment, high level of fatigue, headache;
  • Cardiovascular system: vasodilation, angina episodes, ischemia of heart muscle, blood pressure lability;
  • Respiratory system: rhinorrhea, rhinedema;
  • Gastro-intestinal tract and hepatobiliary system: dyspepsia, abdominal pain, vomiting, increasing activity of liver enzymes, nausea, stool irregularity, also possible development of gastroesophagial reflux and gastritis;
  • Visionary system: konjuctivitis, decreasing eyesight, photophobia, increased intraocular pressure, colour vision impairment;
  • Allergic reactions: urticaria, angioedema, anaphylactic shock, bronchospasm.

Other possible but rare side effects of levitra include back ache and increased muscles tone.

Also sometimes the use of levitra with active ingredient vardenafil may lead to a prolonged erection and in some cases – to priapism, which in turn, may become a cause of damage of the penis tissues and prolonged erectile dysfunction. In very rare cases if patient has any cardiovascular disease, the cardiac arrest was registered yet the causal relationship was not established, as well what was the exact cause – the levitra intake or sexual activity.

The parient with high risk the levitra intake may cause vision impairment up to temporary or even permanent vision loss, yet again nothing has been known so far was it vardenafil or other factor thay played such crucial role. Note: with any of above mentioned adverse side effects of lavitra use development, especially with prolonged erection and priapism, the immediate doctor’s consultation is required.

What are contradictions for the levitra use?

If the patient decided to buy levitra or order levitra, or sometimes to get it through levitra coupon, then it would be better to consider certain main contradictions which are listed below. Cheap levitra or expensive levitra, original or generic, all cannot be prescribed, or should be prescribed with high cautions, if patient has:

  • Confirmed non-tolerance of vardenafil or any other levitra components;
  • Phenylketonuria;
  • If patient takes nitrates in any kind of therapies;
  • Levitra for women does not exist, so this particular medication can never be prescribed to treat any female sexual problems;
  • Levitra can never be prescribed to minors.

Also known that levitra should not be prescribed to patients who are not allowed to have sexual activity, in particular, those who have had recently myocardila infract and apoplectic shock, as well as obvious hypertension, hypothony and unstable angina.

Cautions should be recommended when prescribing levitra to the patients with aorta stenosis, left ventricle obstruction, idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis, QT interval prolongation (including patientswith congenital prolongation of QT interval, and those taking madications with high impact on such QT-prolongation).

High risk of priapism development is another risk factor that must be considered once patient decided to buy levitra online or in pharmacy. Anatomic deformities of the penis, cavernous fibrosis, Peironi disease, multiple myeloma, sickle-cells anaemia and leukemia are also considered risk factors to the levitra prescription. This list also includes decreased functions of liver and kidneys, degenerative retina diseases, ulcer of duodenum and stomach, and Crohn’s disease.

Levitra interaction with other medications

For instance, it is highly prohibited to use levitra with nitrates and other NO donators. Combined intake of levitra and drugs that inhibit or induce cytochrome P450 ferments, the alteration of pharmaceutical kinetics profile of vardenafil can be observed. For example, the plasma concentration of vardenafil is possible if levitra is being taken together with erythromycin, ketoconazole, ritonavir, and indinavir. Levitra effectiveness can be decreased if prescribed to patients taking alpha-adrenoblockers except tamsulosine which is allowed for combined use with vardenafil.

It was reported that even with high dosage of lavitra intake (up to 80 mg of vardenafil daily) there were no adverse side effects. Also long-term high doses levitra intake (up to 40 mg of vardenafil per day) tolerance towards vardenafil was not altered.

Where to buy levitra?

Well, levitra can be bought on the clinic pharmacy after it was prescribed by a doctor.