Is it possible to cure tuberculosis completely?

Tuberculosis – a disease from which currently suffer more than two billion people. Despite the fact that modern medicine deals with the most dangerous diseases, tuberculosis remained one of the most deadly and intractable infections. Every year more than 11 million people die from the disease.
First official confirmation that tuberculosis – an infection that is transmitted by airborne droplets, was made in 1882. German scientist Robert Koch discovered and proved that the disease is spread by a mycobacterium, which were later called tubercle bacillus.

Tubercle bacillus is dangerous because it is resistant to many external factors and influences. It is not destroyed with acids, alkalis, alcohol solutions, easy to tolerate low temperatures and can be stored for a long time in the things in the ground, furniture. By much research, it was found that mycobacteria are killed by ultraviolet light, high temperatures, and is destroyed when exposed to chlorine solutions or antiseptics.

This disease is transmitted in different ways, the main – airborne. There are cases when TB is transmitted through blood, in contact with sticks on open wounds, abrasions and scratches. It is also possible infection of the fetus from an infected mother during pregnancy. Modern classification of pulmonary tuberculosis is very extensive. Distinguish light, the primary form, infiltrative, cavernous, cirrhotic and many other types of tuberculosis.

The main symptoms of the disease – weight loss, fever, weakness, trouble breathing, frequent coughing, in which stands out a lot of phlegm. With advanced forms of TB can cough up blood.

To identify this terrible infection in developed several ways. Children and adolescents under the age of 16 do special tests, which allows you to find out whether mycobacteria in the body. Adults who have to undergo X-ray examination (picture light). Doing it is recommended at least once a year. The only contraindication, which does not do x-rays – Pregnancy and breast-feeding. Lung biopsy – a more complicated procedure, during which made a puncture and pinch off material from the surface of the lungs or bronchial tubes to explore. Also find out whether there is tuberculosis in humans or not, help the microscopic examination of sputum.

Back in the 19th century, consumption was equal to a death sentence. People who do not receive the necessary treatment, after some time died. Many people are interested in, whether it is possible to cure TB completely and forget about this disease. Modern medicine and a variety of medications allow successful cure the disease. But it is necessary to know that the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis will take more than one or two months. Especially if the TB has a secondary form.

In milder forms of the disease are used several types of anti-TB drugs that affect the diversified source of infection and contribute to the destruction of the pathogen – Koch’s bacillus. In addition to antibiotics, great attention is paid to the overall improvement of the body, strengthen the immune system ( such as Generic Seromycin (Cycloserine), Generic Trecator-sc (Ethionamide), Generic Myambutol (Ethambutol) and others, which you can buy online through the Internet that will cost you cheap or with good discounts. During the period of treatment is just as important breathing exercises in which patients develop lungs that promotes a better sputum discharge.

When the disease tuberculosis is very important time to begin competent treatment, that is what will get rid of the disease and fully recover. But unfortunately, not all people understand the danger of this disease, its ease of transmission from the patient to a healthy person, and not in a hurry to take care inpatient medication. As a consequence, the disease starts, and those who tried to treat yourself or do not pay attention to their health, after a while became chronic carriers of tuberculosis, which is not amenable to medical treatment. Even those who suffer from tuberculosis, especially the open form, become sources of danger to human health. Typically, the disease is treated in a closed medical facility that allows you to protect infected individuals from healthy.

Not uncommon for advanced forms of tuberculosis requires surgery or fatal. So if diagnosed with tuberculosis – an urgent need to start treatment, and strictly comply with all requirements of physicians. Only in this case we can hope for a full recovery.

The best prevention of disease – a healthy lifestyle, smoking cessation and alcohol. People with a strong immunity and good health rarely suffer from the disease – no wonder this disease called social.