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Is Erectile Dysfunction a Preexisting Condition? All You Need to Know

Erectile dysfunction (ED) takes place when a man performs inefficiently and badly during foreplay and sexual intercourse, due to the poor flow of blood to the penile organ. This leads to an inadequate or no erection. This is a distressing condition which causes a damage to confidence, worsens relationships, and may even lead to conflicts in a couple. The most common causes of ED include cardiovascular diseases, stress, and ageing.

What is a Preexisting Condition?

According to the University of Pittsburgh, medical condition occurred before a program of health benefits went into effect. Before 2014 some insurance companies in the US refused to pay for treatment due to some preexisting conditions. However, on January 1, 2014, such exclusions were prohibited.

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The key problem with these conditions is that they might be unaffordable for some patients in countries which don’t provide free healthcare.

At the moment, definition of preexisting condition in the US is controversial, due to healthcare reforms.

A type of ED: Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

Is ED a Preexisting Condition?

According to the American Health Care Act (a part of ‘Trumpcare’ system which replaced Obamacare) doesn’t include erectile dysfunction as a preexisting condition. Interestingly that along with that insurance providers increased premiums for some categories of women, like rape survivors and violence victims.

So the answer is ‘no’ at the moment, and most likely the situation will not be changed in the nearest future. Probably, some changes may be adopted after the new presidential elections, but no one knows for sure.

Males don’t have immunity to extra cost, because erectile dysfunction is often caused by some underlying conditions, such as cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes, and neurological conditions.

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Fortunately, males may benefit from a great choice of anti-ED medicines available in online pharmacies. There are many arguments for using cyber pharmacies, as they allow to avoid long queues in clinics and street drugstores. In addition, anyone can see a buyer who wanna purchase a medicine which is directly related to their intimate life. That’s would not seem to be a problem, but many ED sufferers don’t think so, as they can feel embarrassment or just don’t want to be caught by their partners, etc.