How to cure hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids is a disease that occurs due to problems in the blood supply to the hemorrhoidal veins, or otherwise – thrombosis, due to occurrence of blood clots in the blood vessels. Furthermore hemorrhoidal veins may undergo inflammation, enhance or crimp, which results in the nodes around the rectum.
The causes of the disease

Hemorrhoids is one of the most common diseases. Statistics show that more than 40% of people who sought medical help due to the existing problems of the intestine, suffer from hemorrhoids.

The most likely causes of hemorrhoids:

  • Sedentary lifestyle. This may be due to the specifics of the work, for example, you have a lot of time at the computer.
  • More at risk full of people, particularly those who are obese.
  • Occurrence of hemorrhoids favors excessive drinking, the love of spicy, salty, spicy and smoked food – an unhealthy diet.
  • Constantly practiced anal sex.
  • Various inflammatory pelvis.
  • Constant physical exertion, such as lifting heavy objects, or performing other heavy exercise and work.
  • Cause of hemorrhoids can be an infection or genetic predisposition.

All these factors adversely affect the functioning of blood vessels in the lower part of colon, resulting in an excess of blood flow and its stagnation. This leads to expansion of the veins and subsequent problems as occurrence of hemorrhoids.

Treatment of hemorrhoids – what are the options?

Hemorrhoid treatment can be carried out by various methods depending on the type of disease, its stage. How to treat hemorrhoids? In most cases an integrated approach, prevention and other ways.

Do not forget that your health is the most precious thing you have. If you have any signs or symptoms of the disease, it is strongly recommended to see a doctor, as a number of more serious diseases of the rectum may be symptoms similar to hemorrhoids. Diagnose the disease should the doctor, then can proceed to its treatment.

Only complex methods are effective to cure the disease taking one tablet impossible. In some cases it is possible to manage the type of conservative treatment, i.e., using various medications, but such a measure is usually temporary, which allows to overcome the acute illness, but not get rid of it. Effectively if you know the causes of hemorrhoids and got rid of them, for example, problems have arisen as a result of a sedentary lifestyle, but you have corrected the situation.

Reliable way to get rid of hemorrhoids does not exist. The main problem of the disease is the excess blood flow and can not guarantee anything to get rid of this problem. In many cases, the treatment of hemorrhoids long and awkward process.

How to treat hemorrhoids at home?

Effective treatment of hemorrhoids is possible only under the supervision of and on the doctor’s recommendations. Proctologist knows better than to cure hemorrhoids, what modern medications are most effective for solving this problem.

Only after a call to the doctor and get all the necessary instructions, you are ready to treat hemorrhoids at home. Treatment of hemorrhoids can be a lengthy process and should be ready for it.

But you can cure hemorrhoids at home, at an early stage of the disease. Modern medicine offers a diverse range of products with varying degrees of effectiveness. In addition, there are a large number of folk treatments for hemorrhoids.

Folk remedies for the treatment

Traditional methods of treatment of hemorrhoids involve the use of means which are prepared from various “gifts” of nature. This can be berries, roots, vegetables, leaves, and other, which are prepared on the basis of ointments, suppositories, infusions, juices and other folk remedies. Despite the simplicity and accessibility of traditional medicine can be very effective against a variety of diseases, including hemorrhoids.

It is worth noting once again, in no case do not practice self-medication, all of these funds should be used only on the advice of a doctor, or you can just hide the symptoms. At the same time it will continue to progress by going to the more acute form, which will make a necessary surgery doctor.

Effective modern methods in medicine

In the development of modern medicine to traditional, already proven methods, add new ones, using the latest developments in the field of medicine. As a result, achieved less trauma and pain treatment, significantly improve the efficiency of the process.

Effective treatment of hemorrhoids today held the following medical methods, depending on the stage of the disease: conservative therapy, infrared photocoagulation, sclerotherapy, ligation latex rings, suture ligation, resection method Longo, hemorrhoidectomy and simultaneous combination of several methods.

During the period of exacerbation for pain are not appointed narcotic pills-analgesics such as Generic Arcoxia (Etoricoxib), Generic Pyridium (Phenazopyridine), Generic Motrin (Ibuprofen) and others (which you can buy online through the Internet that will cost you cheap or with good discounts).

For each person, his health is the most valuable. Never need to neglect the problems of the body related to his health. It is necessary not only to diagnose the disease and begin treatment, and lead a healthy lifestyle, what would the general condition of the body has always been in good shape.

Remember that hemorrhoids, as well as any other disease, is most easily cured at an early stage, through an integrated approach. Especially in the beginning of the disease, all the procedures and methods are not so painful and unpleasant. It is better to consult a doctor, than to wait aggravation of the disease, which may require surgery.

But following preventive measures, the likelihood that you will be faced with this disease is minimal.

Do not engage in self-diagnosis and self-treatment, it can lead to even greater problems, just refer to the medical professionals.