Conjunctivitis. What is it? And how to treat?

Conjunctivitis – is the process by which inflamed conjunctiva. Usually accompanied by inflammation of the eyelids. This disease may be of allergic , bacterial or viral nature.
Allergic conjunctivitis manifests itself when exposed to any allergens. It also occurs when inflammation and redness. Cause its development capable of misuse of contact lenses, the occurrence of allergic reactions to animal or drugs, as well as the phenomenon of hay fever and so on.

Provoke the allergic conjunctivitis capable chemicals, drugs, ultraviolet, viruses and germs, as well as all sorts of cosmetics. When any of the above items falls on the conjunctiva and if it is an irritant for the individual, there is an allergy. The presence of human allergic forms usually coexists with other disorders in organisms, such as allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma and so on.

Bacterial conjunctivitis affects the two eyes, accompanied the release   mucous formations, and quite significant. Viral conjunctivitis as well as bacterial affects the eyes, accompanied with tearfulness. These two listed conjunctivitis are especially dangerous because they can be transmitted to others.

Causes of conjunctivitis

The causes and the appearance of conjunctivitis are infection and bacteria, which appeared on the mucosa of the eye. They cause inflammation, accompanied by redness and mucous discharge, as well as a reddish tinge century.

Conjunctivitis divided into allergic, viral or bacterial. Bacterial form affects the two eyes and is accompanied by a high yield mucous secretions. The viral form of the disease usually affects one of the two eyes. When it can also be observed redness and inflammation, as well as the output of pus and mucus in the small volume and watery eyes. These forms can be transmitted to others.

Allergic conjunctivitis may form due to exposure to various allergens such as pollen, animal dander, and others. If it is possible to observe the inflammatory process in the infected blush eyelids and eyes, there is a large output of mucus and pus, and present pain.

When any of these three forms, must be remembered that, except that ill treatment is required, it is also necessary to limit the impact of this disease on the other. Simple rules is regularly washing your hands, a separate towels and elementary personal hygiene. In no case can not be used when washing cold water, should refuse to visit places of water, such as swimming pool, and so on.

In no case can not ignore the appearance of conjunctivitis, as in its further development may adversely affect the vision of the patient. If you suspect conjunctivitis, the patient should consult an ophthalmologist, who will tell the right drugs to get rid of the disease.

Symptoms of conjunctivitis

The main characteristic symptoms of conjunctivitis are itching, burning, the presence of mucous or purulent discharge, reddish color of the eyes, and the eyes begin to tire quickly, and there is pain when looking at bright light. With allergic conjunctivitis in humans also occur itchy and burning a sensation in the eyes, they begin to tear, inflamed eyelids redden. In parallel with conjunctivitis patient may suffer from other symptoms, such as coughing. Allergic form affects directly on the two eyes. The treatment of this form of conjunctivitis takes a long time, as it was initially to fix it is problematic due to the fact that the main symptoms are manifested not as clearly as in the other two cases. And drugs are not always immediately can cause improvement, sometimes it takes time.

Types of conjunctivitis

There are two types of conjunctivitis – chronic and acute.

The reasons may become chronic phenomena such as chronic diseases of the nasopharynx, a long negative effects on the eye (smoke, etc..), Lack of vitamins in the body and others. Typical symptoms of this type of disease – is eye fatigue, intolerance to light, painful burning and stinging in the eyes. The shell of the eye turns red and bloody, it is clear vials, in a small volume out pus and mucus. Basic for getting a major allergen removal, which is an agent provocateur disease.

Acute form of the disease occurs under the influence of Koch’s bacillus, or cocci bacteria. Characteristic feature is the occurrence of inflammation of the conjunctiva . Cause it can reduce the immune system, trauma to the eye, as well as overheating or overcooling. The most common is pinkeye. Its causes may be the presence of infected objects near or touching the eyes with dirty hands. Main aggravation in the spread of the disease can be seen in the summer, with the majority of patients – children, much less – newborns, cause is the presence in the mother during gestation of such diseases as gonorrhea. Signs of acute type of the disease is the presence of painful and itchy sensation in the eyes, swelling and redness of the eyelids, intolerance to bright light, as well as output and purulent mucus. The epidemic form of the disease is also characterized by the appearance of redness and swelling bleeding eyes.

Treatment of conjunctivitis

When assigning quality treatment the disease can be avoided completely, including all of its symptoms. It usually takes a few weeks. Initially, it is important to establish that provoked her appearance, as well as the inflammatory process itself. In the future, it is necessary to prevent the presence of nearby causes of infection. If this is not possible, then doctors prescribe special medicines that reduce the impact. If the disease manifests itself weakly, then prevention may be sufficient and the use of compression, necessarily cold. If the disease is expressed seriously, appointed special anti-allergy medications, and medications reduce inflammation, as such as Generic Lotemax (Loteprednol), Generic Bimatoprost (Bimatoprost), Generic Ocuflox (Ofloxacin), Generic Cosopt (Dorzelamidel + Timolol Maleate) and others, which you can buy online through the Internet that will cost you cheap or with good discounts.