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Can Levitra be Cut in Half and When It Is Ok?

Levitra by Bayer is a medication prescribed for erectile dysfunction. This medication contains a PDE5 inhibitor vardenafil, which is responsible for boosting blood circulation by involvement and mild modification of biochemical mechanisms. This leads to harder and longer erection provided that a man is sexually aroused.

Who Produces Levitra?

Branded version of this medicine is produced by Bayer AG. Bayer is a German pharmaceutical company known for inventing a drug that we know very well–aspirin. The corporation is one of the best players in the pharmaceutical industry today. It is a trusted manufacturer who always places novelty and quality at the top of its priorities. The company manufactures products that aim to improve the daily lives of men and women by relieving symptoms of different kinds of diseases and conditions. The laboratory works constantly to multiply discoveries and medical revolutions. Levitra is also an innovational medication, because, when compared to Viagra, it tends to be less affected by food intake and consumption of alcoholic drinks. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that this medication is more effective in people suffering from diabetes-induced erectile dysfunction or ED which coexists with diabetes mellitus.

What Are Classic Dosages of Levitra?

Levitra is usually sold in 10mg and 20mg dosage, however, 5mg is often available too. The minimum dose may be used by patients suffering from some chronic diseases requiring tablet strength adjustment. If you have any illness, you need to consult a doctor before starting administration of Levitra. When you need decrease a dose, splitting would be useful.

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How Can You Cut the Pill?

Many people cut medicines using kitchen knives or scissors, but this is not a reliable method, because ordinary sharp tools may divide pills into unequal parts which may affect effectiveness. Moreover, using knife is associated with the risk of getting injured. So the best way for splitting is a special device—pill splitter. According to studies, these devices ensure great accuracy of a tablet’s division, ensuring as low as 2% variability between two counterparts.

It is recommended to split the pill right before the administration, because many medications can deteriorate when they are exposed to moisture, air or heat. So, divide it and take right away after splitting.

Important information: don’t exceed 20 mg per day, and don’t take more than 1 pill a day.

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Increased Dosages of Levitra

Some sellers offer Levitra generics with elevated quantity of the active ingredient (vardenafil). As noted above, the maximum recommended dosage per a 24-hour period is twenty milligrams. So, theoretically, you can use 40 mg Vardenafil pills but it would be a great idea to cut the overdosed pill in half. That might allow you to save money, as forty-milligram version costs proportionally less in comparison with 20mg, i.e. its price is not twofold higher.