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Avanafil (Avana) – What Are Advantages and Disadvantages?

A man’s self-confidence (especially when it comes to sexual exploits) is largely reflected in his mood. An additional ‘plus’ is good general health, which is noticed by both doctors and close people.

Erectile Dysfunction and the Need for Its Treatment

The statistics is inexorable. After 40 (unfortunately, taking into account modern reality, even earlier), few representatives of the strong half of humanity manage to maintain male health in excellent condition. Misfires occur.

One-time failures do not deserve attention. Their cause may be purely external. For example, fatigue, bad mood or inappropriate atmosphere. But if the organ refuses to work often enough, you can’t do without the help of specialists. Moreover, the sooner a representative of a strong half of humanity goes to a doctor, the more successful and faster it will be possible to solve the problem.

What is Avana?

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This is a new generation drug. It is considered to be the most effective, in comparison with existing analogues, phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor (however, you have to remain sober while evaluating this). PDE5 enzyme, which is present in every male body, is responsible for inhibiting the excitation process. Moreover, it controls it. The mission of avanafil is to suppress activity of PDE5.

As a result, the cavernous bodies of the penis with sufficient sexual arousal are filled with blood. This process leads to proper penis hardening.

In the presence of various kinds of erectile dysfunctions, the content of phosphodiesterase in the male body does not change. Accordingly, excitement does not occur and the man is not capable of full intercourse.

The gentle Avana drug helps to solve delicate male problems. Since we are talking about a more advanced, compared to the same popular Viagra formula, the enzyme inhibitor features effectiveness along with increased safety (as claimed by some resources).

Benefits of Avanafil

Thanks to the research (both in laboratories and in real conditions), in which more than a hundred volunteers participated, it was possible to identify the following advantages of taking the new generation of Avanafil.

  1. Efficiency. An erection was observed in the lion’s share of studies’ participants.
  2. The speed of action. About 15-30 minutes pass from the moment of intake to the moment of full readiness for new sexual victories.
  3. Long action. Good performance indicators are observed for 6 hours from the moment of taking the ‘magic’ pill.
  4. Lack of age restrictions (not complete). If older men have an interest in active sex life, then taking Avana will help realize all the fantasies (but some health limitations exist). And of course, males who haven’t reached the age of 18, cannot take it.
  5. Gentle action. The new formula has virtually no contraindications.
  6. It does not lead to infertility. Even prolonged use of the drug does not prevent the conception of a healthy baby.
  7. It does not cause addiction. The main thing is to follow the doctor’s recommendations.
  8. It is compatible with alcohol and fatty foods. A romantic candlelight dinner with a glass of champagne or light wine will be an excellent prelude for a complete intimacy.
avanafil advantages and disadvantages

Drug Shortcomings

Along with significant advantages, this PDE5 inhibitor has certain side effects. Practice shows that the disadvantages of the drug are characteristic of all drugs of this kind.

Side effects from taking Avanafil:

  • headache (passes after a few minutes from the moment of occurrence)
  • tachycardia (most often, cardiac arrhythmias are the result of increased excitement)
  • blurred vision (a side effect is short-term)
  • nasal congestion

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It is strictly forbidden to take the type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitor of new generation by men who have had a heart attack or stroke. Following the recommendations of doctors, the use of drugs of this kind is allowed, at least after a six-month rehabilitation treatment.

It is also not recommended to stimulate sexual function with the help of new generation drugs in the acute form of peptic ulcer. If possible, taking antibiotics should be ruled out. If treatment requires taking drugs of this pharmacological group, then it makes sense to hold out on the use of a PDE 5 inhibitor.


In any case, taking Avana should not be started without first consulting a doctor. A specialist will necessarily conduct diagnostic studies to identify possible contraindications for taking pills that improve sexual function. This innovative drug would be a good solution for a harmonious and full sexual life. It is suitable for men of all ages, except for some elderly to whom sexual activity is contraindicated.