males stop ejaculating

What happens if a man doesn’t ejaculate for a long time?

70 or 80-Year Old Seniors and Sex

Regrettable though it may be, aging is inevitable. And, unfortunately, it is associated with a decrease in sexual function.

Men have a more favorable condition in terms of preserving reproductive function than women (who go through menopausal period, as they can produce viable spermatozoa right into old age.

According to statistics, the prevalence of erectile dysfunction in old age is very high.

Moreover, their ability to ejaculate may deteriorate.

So at what age can males stop ejaculating?
What are other possible changes in sexual health?

General Changes in the Male Body (Aging-Related)

In old age, a complex restructuring of the work of all systems begins in a man’s body.

There is a gradual extinction of sexual and hormonal functions.

In medicine, this syndrome is called age-related androgen deficiency (when a man has insufficient testosterone levels).

when males stop ejaculating

How can you determine the lack of this hormone in the body?

The symptoms of age-related androgen deficiency are various:

increased fatigueapathydepressive state
irritabilityloss of muscle massless desire for sexual intercourse
less ambition / competitiveness in everyday lifedecalcification of bone tissueinfertility
In addition

Male persons may experience dizziness and insomnia; increased sweating may occur.

Also, with age, cardiac function begins to be disrupted, changes in blood pressure appear, headaches, shortness of breath, and a feeling of lack of air may develop.

Another symptom is redness of the skin of the face, neck and hands.

The abovementioned changes can begin in at age 40 or 50.

However, 70- or 80-year-old seniors experience them with much higher incidence.

Orgasm Takes Longer to Happen, Amount of Ejaculate Decreases

It may take a long time to ejaculate with aging. Delayed ejaculation may not be an issue, especially if you suffered from premature orgasm in the past.

Males with such a condition may even find their sexual life more satisfying, because they need make no extra efforts to delay orgasm and prolong sexual pleasure.

Women may also benefit from this, because it is easier to bring a lady to orgasm with prolonged sexual intercourse than with short-term encounters.

Empty (dry) ejaculation is another condition the risk of which increases with age. This may be a retrograde ejaculation or can be caused by surgeries like removal of the bladder and removal of the prostate (prostatectomy). 

Erections Become Less Rigid

Sometimes erections are just semi-hard or less rigid when compared with young age.

Additional stimulation may be helpful, bust such a situation may be slightly (or not slightly) frustrating. Actually, this is normal situation in old age, but often males don’t take it easy. Just keep calm, calmness would help.

In addition

PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra and Cialis can be pretty useful.

viagra for elderly

Refractory Period Increases

It is a well-known fact that amount of time which is needed to recover after ejaculation (the so-called refractory period) increases proportionally with a man’s age.

The refractory period is due to neurophysiological and hormonal changes that occur in the male body after orgasm, including a decrease in dopamine and testosterone levels and an increase in prolactin levels.

When a male person reaches his sixties, this period may reach even 24 hours.

With age, sex does not become poorer, it simply becomes different.

For instance, you can enjoy more foreplay.

Consult a Doctor

You may also consult a sex therapist or a doctor if you have erection and / or ejaculatory disorders.