Сontraceptives and a synthetic hormone Lynoral

Lynoral is an oral contraceptive and a synthetic hormone by its nature.

Positive traits

high contraceptive effect;

excellent tolerability;

ease of use;

reversibility of the action;


therapeutic effect;

preventive action.

The drug is recommended to take women after 35 years to prevent pregnancy and the recovery of the menstrual cycle.



After application of the contraceptive pill, normalize menstrual bleeding. Menstrual bleeding becomes less painful and scanty, thus reducing the risk of developing iron deficiency anemia. Scientific studies have proven that this contraceptive drug significantly reduces the risk of endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer, breast diseases, inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system and ovarian cysts.

Side effects of contraceptives

headache, migraine, abdominal pain, depressed mood;

nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, change in body weight;

changes in vaginal secretion;

increase in breast tenderness and appearance of mammary secretions, reduced libido, various skin hypersensitivity reaction to background (allergy, hives, urticaria, etc.), fluid retention.


diabetes with vascular complications of character;

Breast or endometrial cancer;

hypersensitivity or idiosyncrasy of components of the drug;


risk of venous or arterial thrombosis;

liver tumors;

the presence of blood clots;

vaginal bleeding of unknown adventures;

liver disease in a severe form;

hormone-dependent cancer of genitals or mammary gland;


pregnancy (increases the risk of birth defects), lactation (the components of the drug enter the mother’s milk).

Before the start of contraceptive pills, the woman should undergo a thorough general medical and gynecological examination. Furthermore, it is desirable to examine the breast and do cytology cervical mucus. It is important to exclude pregnancy and blood coagulation disorders.