Pepcid: Instructions for use

Pepcid is a non-prescription medicine for heartburn, H2 blockers histamine receptors, which has been approved in the US application.

Active substance of Pepcid


Excipients of Pepcid

Core: colloidal silicon dioxide — 0.5 mg; Magnesium stearate — 1 mg; povidone K90 — 2 mg; sodium carboxymethyl starch type A — 3 mg; talc — 3 mg; corn starch — 28 mg; lactose monohydrate — 52.5 mg

shell film: iron oxide red — 0,002 mg; colloidal silicon dioxide — 0,04 mg; titanium dioxide — 0,148 mg; Macrogol 6000 — 0.2495 mg; Sepifilm 003 (Valium — 2.97585 mg, macrogol stearate — 0.33065 mg) — 3.3065 mg

Maximum Strength Pepcid AC

Maximum Strength Pepcid AC

Available in two versions of Pepcid

Original Strength Pepcid® AC®, one tablet containing 10 mg of famotidine, and

Maximum Strength Pepcid® AC®, one tablet containing 20 mg of famotidine.

Pharmacological group: drugs that reduce the secretion of gastric glands.

Indications for use

treat heartburn associated with gastric hyperacidity.

preventing heartburn associated with acidity, before the use of certain food and drinks

Other Indications of Pepcid

— Duodenal ulcer and gastric exacerbation, relapse prevention;

— Symptomatic treatment and prevention of ulcers of the stomach and duodenum (associated with taking NSAIDs, stress, postoperative ulcers);

— Erosive gastro;

— Functional dyspepsia associated with increased secretion of the stomach;

— Reflux esophagitis;

— Zollinger-Ellison syndrome;

— Prevention of recurrent bleeding from the upper gastrointestinal tract;

— Prevention of aspiration of gastric juice during general anesthesia (Mendelson’s syndrome).

The nosological classification (ICD-10)

K30 Dyspepsia

K31.8.2 * gastric hyperacidity

R12 Heartburn

R14 Flatulence and related conditions

Dosing and Administration of Pepcid

Inside, the whole with a little water. In case of heartburn or other symptoms of dyspepsia should take 1 tablet.

Contraindications of Pepcid

— Pregnancy;

— Lactation (breastfeeding);

— childhood;

— Hypersensitivity to the drug;

— Hypersensitivity to other blockers of histamine H2-receptor.

Precautions should be prescribed the drug for kidney and liver failure, liver cirrhosis with portosystemic encephalopathy in history.

Overdose of Pepcid

Symptoms: vomiting, motor excitation, tremors, decreased blood pressure, tachycardia, collapse.

Treatment: gastric lavage, symptomatic and supportive therapy; hemodialysis.