Reception of Levitra in the elderly

Erectile Problems

According to research and observations of doctors, disease such as erectile dysfunction is more susceptible to the stronger sex in the age of 50 years. This is due to age-related changes in the body of a man that affect the structure and function of the genitals. In addition, in this age, the process of restructuring of the hormonal background, and such pathology as potency problems, is quite natural and expected. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, the risk of becoming a victim of erectile dysfunction are much greater than in healthy men.

Levitra in the elderly

Levitra in the elderly

Especially effective and safe means for erectile problems observed among men in old age, recognized as Levitra. This means inhibits the production of the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5, thus is an excellent drug for the treatment of impotence. The use of these tablets stimulates the contraction of smooth muscles of male sexual organ, promotes blood flow to it, thereby ensuring proper and stable erection.

The action of Levitra

Practice and medical studies show that reception of Levitra acts positively on the erectile function of older men.

Interestingly, as a result of a study conducted among of 16 000 men aged 55 to 65 years the fourth part suffered from symptoms of erectile dysfunction and men up to 30 years, the figure was 1%.

A curious fact is that in many countries the number of men suffering from impotence is different. For example, in the Netherlands among the stronger sex from 50 to 60 years on impotence problems complains about 9%, but among men from 60 to 70 years, this figure is already higher — 22%.

The highest percentage of suffering from impotence is observed among US men — 67% of men 70 years and over, and over 50% of Americans between 40 and 70 years experiencing sexual problems.

Doctors trying to answer the question of dependence the disease and age-related changes have come to the conclusion that impotence can be triggered by systemic disorders in the body of older men, as well as the reorganization of the functions and structure of the penis. Also should not forget about some of the diseases that can also cause impotence.

In severe cases, doctors recommend their patients to use Levitra. As practice shows, this drug is particularly well-proven in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in the elderly. For this category of patients is not so important the duration of non-action of the means as the drug’s effectiveness. In this regard, Levitra appoint, in most cases, to men in whom the cause of erectile dysfunction is age-related changes.

With the passage of treatment with Levitra, were not observed particularly heavy and strong side effects. However, in some cases, are possible minor headaches, facial flushing, itching, nasal congestion. These phenomena are explained by the process of inhibition of type 5 inhibitor in the smooth muscles of the penis.

Dosage for elderly

Difference in the efficacy and safety of the drug in elderly and young patients were not observed.

For patients older than 65 years the initial dose is 5 mg. Further, depending on the efficacy and tolerability of Levitra dose may be increased to 10 mg.

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