Penisole: medication for penis enlargement

Penisola is a natural product for penis enlargement, operation and effect similar to the widely known VigRX Plus.

Herbs and roots from around the world increase blood flow to the penis. This member increases in size at rest and in the erect state.

Penisole is

• Qualitative and prolonged erection.

• Increased sexual stamina and desire.

• Brighter and longer orgasms.

• The complex of natural ingredients with no side effects.

• The most effective and simple way to increase the size of the penis.



Dosage of Penisola

One tablet twice a day.

In the same package — 60 tablets (6 blisters of 10 tablets).

Monthly stock = 60 tablets (one package).

2-month supply = 120 tablets (2 packs).

3 month supply = 180 tablets (3 packs).

The recommended course of drug administration is 3 months.

Composition of Penisola

Ashwagandha (Ashwagandha) — enhances libido.

Shilajit. Kavach — regulates testosterone.

Akkal Kara — improves circulation.

Shatavari (Satavari) — reduces anxiety.

Makardvadzh (Makardhwaj) — bracing.

Vidarikand — aphrodisiac.

Trivang Bhasma — Energy plant.

Swaran Bhasma — Sexual Vitalizer.

Saffron — raises immunity.

Shudhi (Shudha) — improves mood. Salampanjo – Aphrodisiac

Penisole offers a way to increase penis size. This supplement is made up of all-natural, special herbs for potency, which cause dilation of blood vessels, which improves blood circulation throughout your penis. This makes it possible to achieve a more stable and prolonged erection. In addition, men have noticed greater endurance, and increase satisfaction and pleasure from sexual intercourse.