Impact Levitra on the cardiovascular system, heart and eyesight

Impact Levitra

Levitra is not dangerous for a person with a healthy heart. But, as with any drug, there is some contraindications regarding use of the drug.

Effects on the cardiovascular system and heart

Should pay attention on the opposite details — in neglected forms of diseases of the cardiovascular system or the heart there is a risk of problems with the brain gain, blood pressure or circulatory system as the side effects of Levitra. It is not assigned to patients with unstable angina, with some congenital heart disease, some types of aortic stenosis.



The most dangerous peak is directly to sexual intercourse and orgasm: in contrast to the natural reaction even safer simulator may be the main cause of poor health.

In some cases this can lead to loss of consciousness, stroke, heart attack or sudden death (due to cardiac arrest). Therefore, you should consult with a personal doctor about reception of the drug if you have any doubts on this score.

Effects on vision

The use of this drug may have such unwanted and unpleasant phenomena such as, for example, blindness in one eye. Even possible lose the vision of two eyes at once. It can change the color perception of the environment. The patient suddenly notices that he confuses the blue and green colors. Sometimes develops an intolerance of bright light in man. In some cases, may appear blurred in front of eyes. If you suddenly found such events, you should immediately go to the medical doctor.

In addition, in uncommon situations Levitra connected with anterior ischemic optic neuropathy. This disease does not intersect with the process of an active life, but ignoring the initial manifestations the problem could trigger a sharp (and sometimes final) loss of vision.

With the deterioration of vision after taking the pills you should immediately consult a specialist: timely reaction allows quickly restoring the previous state without any serious consequences for the eye. Naturally, allergic to Vardenafil — the main component of the medication, or other auxiliary ingredients, also puts a taboo on artificial way to improve erection.

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