Hard On Oral Jelly

Drug Information: Indications, Side Effects, Warnings

Erectile dysfunction has been around not for years but for centuries, and of course, all this while people were trying to find the way to fight it off. The very first medication buy  hard on oral jellydeveloped purposely for the treatment of erectile dysfunction of various etiology was named viagra and has become very popular among men worldwide. It was created in 1998, and since then it helped to improve the sexual life of more than 35 million men all around the world. It is an interesting fact but every second someone buy viagra and its generics in the world, and among them is hard on oral jelly. Original viagra was developed by well known pharmaceuticak company Pfizer, but viagra generics are manufactured by many other companies on the pharmaceutical market. Mostly in India.

The main active component of Hard On generic of viagra is sildenafil, or sildenafil citrate. And this time the medicine has come in the form of oral jelly for easy digesting and faster absorption. To make it even better the oral jellies now have few different flavours ranging from strawberry to orange. Nonetheless this generic is still as good as the one on the form of usual pills. Each jelly contains 100 mg of sildenafil citrate, but the pack may have different number of oral jellies inside.

Thanks to the sildenafil erection can be reached within minutes after taking hard on oral jelly, some patients reported even kind of instant erection. After you decided to buy Hard On you need to read instruction carefully and follow it, hence it is highly recommended that jelly should be taken within half an hour up to one hour before possible sexual intercourse to be sure that it is going to work properly. It is preferably to take Hard On together with some water but it is also can be taken with some food, yet it is recommended that fatty and oily food should be avoided, because due to specific interaction it may cause a certain delay in reaching the erection.

The product should be kept in the place without direct sunlight and preferably with a bit cooler temperature.

The usual dosage of oral jelly is 100 mg, but sometimes depending on individual health and medical history the dosage can be lowered. There is no direct contradiction except individual allergic reactions to any of the Hard On ingredients, cardiac diseases, angina, heart attack, chest pain, stroke, intake of certain medications like nitroglycerin, sickle cells anemia, some cancers, penile deformities and retinitis pigmentosa.


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