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Category: Erectile Dysfunction

Avana onlineIn 2010 the pharmaceutical market of medication meant to treat erectile dysfunction presented a new drug — Avana, or avanafile. This medication belongs to a group of phosphodeisterase-4 inhibitors )PDE5). The main advantages of avana compare to other medications of alike action (for example, Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis), according to its manufacturers are faster absorption, faster effect, and less side effects.

Furthermore, according to the experts, presence of alternative drugs leads to a better competition among group of certain medications which in turn is good for the customers. As it was mentioned above, the main advantage of Avana is faster effect, and according to the results of several clinical studies, the erection may be reached already in 15 minutes after taking the drug, although it was not confirmed by direct comparable studies. Yet, no one would doubt that the action speed of the medicine is a very important factor, particularly for men with erectile dysfunctions. As well, some studies have shown that Avana half-life period is shorter compare to other drugs for treating erectile dysfunction of the same pharmaceutical class. Second phase of clinical studies shown that Avana acts as Viagra analogue but has less negative influence onto the patients with low blood pressure who take nitroglycerin.

According to FDA report Aavan has no side effect as cyanopsia (seeing thing in blue colour) and priapism (long lasting painful erection which could be observed when taking other medicine to treat erectile dysfunction. The most common side effects are headache, hyperemia, running nose, mild cold and fever, and lower back ache pain.

Before Avana was allowed into the pharmaceutical market, it was tested in few studies with involvement of male volunteers with various types of erectile dysfunction. Participants were divided into the several groups and each group was given different amount of new drug. Minimum dosage enabled men to have full sexual act already in 15 minutes after taking it. Results shown that approximately 80% of men taking part in the studies had improvements. Also it was established that Avana starts to act in 15 minutes after taking it and the effect lasts not less than six hours. This medication meant for the treatment of erectile dysfunction may be combined with alcohol, moreover it is possible to take it few times a day.

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